News You Can Use From TiVo, Volume 55

News You Can Use From TiVo, Volume 55

TiVo Subscriber Newsletter
| Volume 55
Letter from the

Not to get all Men’s Hair Club-y on
you, but even before I worked for TiVo Inc., I was a TiVo subscriber.
I had an original 14-hour TiVo® box and couldn’t stop the mad raving:
how it changed my life, how suddenly I was a Cleopatra expert thanks to
a very active “EGYPT” WishListâ„¢ search (love that History
Channel), and how grand it was that I could finally fit both Friends—both
literally and in syndication—and my beloved Buffy, into my schedule,
at my convenience. Obviously I’m preaching to the choir…

Earlier this year, however, my TiVo song and dance changed, or maybe just
evolved, when I treated myself to a TiVo Series2â„¢ box, connected
it to my home network, and accessed “Music & Photos” from TiVo
Central. Suddenly my 5-disc changer is obsolete and I’m now a residential
DJ, piping my favorite MP3 playlists through my home theater sound system
and impressing my guests with the power of my remote. In fact, these days,
there may be more music-playing than TV-watching going on. Even if you
haven’t gone
digital with
your own music collection yet, you can still enjoy artists like No Doubt,
Sting, Mary J. Blige and more, anytime, absolutely free. From “Music
& Photos,” just select “New Music from Best Buy” and choose
“Play.” I’ll look forward to hearing what moves YOU.

From Sinatra to Slim Shady,

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Whoa. It’s not even been a month since we’ve kicked off the
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MasterCard® card
and you can also get TiVo Points for spending
money, an idea I like very much.

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Wondering about the season’s new shows?
a sneak-peek at what’s to come, trailers included. Take a look.

and Bobby

Collar TV


Makeover Home Edition




I was a kid I used to watch a program called Degrassi Jr. High, a
Canadian drama about middle school kids and the problems they face,”
writes Jennifer H. “Well, I had completely forgotten about it until
a few weeks ago when the TiVo service recorded a show called Degrassi:
The Next Generation
as a TiVo Suggestion. The new show features the
same kids from the original show, now all grown up with their own children,
facing their own issues. I couldn’t believe it!” “My son and I
now record every episode and watch it together,” continues Jennifer.
“He loves it as much as I did. It always sparks great conversation
and provides an opportunity to talk with him about difficult issues. It’s
also introduced me to new problems I didn’t necessarily face as a kid. Just
another one of the brilliant things TiVo has done for us. Thanks so much!”
Tip: Try creating a WishList search using a title or keyword to see
if you can relive a blast from your past.

Got an opinion on great TV? Recommend
to your fellow subscribers with a compelling pitch that includes
a few reasons why the show is a standout. We’ll feature a new recommendation
every newsletter.

TiVo® Tip: Filter It Out

to find a football game? Craving a cooking show, like, right now? Kids
clamoring for some cartoons? Use the TiVo Live Guide Options to cut through
the clutter and display only the programs you want. Press the GUIDE button
on your remote. (If you don’t have a GUIDE button, press the LIVE TV button
twice). Next press the DISPLAY or ENTER button on your remote to display
the Guide Options screen. SELECT “Choose filter” and choose
a category and sub-category, if applicable. (For example, category “Show
Types,” sub-category “Season Premiere” may be a favorite
filter this fall.) When filtering is on, only channels with programs in
the selected category within the next six hours will display; programs
that do not fit the selected category appear gray. Try it, you might like

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Ask, We Answer

Q. I sometimes see a blue screen
when I turn on my TV instead of a TiVo screen. Any ideas on what could be
causing this? —Blue in Dallas.

A. Don’t be blue; we’ll figure it out together. But first, you have
to identify the kind of blue screen you see:

If it is a plain blue screen without a TiVo logo, it is likely coming from
your TV or VCR, not from your TiVo box. A plain blue screen generally indicates
that the TV or VCR cannot “see” a video source. This can usually
be fixed by checking your connections and then by pressing the TV/Video,
Input or Source button on your TV/VCR or remote.

If the blue screen has a TiVo logo on it, it means that your TiVo box is
currently not receiving a video signal. If this happens, try changing to
a new channel.

If you are getting a blue screen with a TiVo logo on all channels, there
may be a problem with your cable or satellite service, or with your connections.
Some quick things to try:

  • Turn your cable or satellite box off and back on again.
  • Check your Connections to DVR screen. Make sure that it says “Video
    OK.” If it says “No video,” adjust your wiring and the
    options on this screen until you get “Video OK.” See this
    for details.
  • Remove the power cord from your TiVo box for 15 seconds and then plug
    it back in.

If you are only getting the blue screen with a TiVo logo on some channels,
it may mean that you do not receive the channel to which the TiVo box is
trying to change. Verify on the
you Receive” screen
that only channels that you actually receive have
a checkmark next to them. You may need to use your cable or satellite box
remote to determine what channels you actually receive.

For more ideas on what to do if you see a blue screen with a TiVo logo,
refer to this
on our support site.

Remember, you can get help with most of your technical questions
by visiting our
or by sending an e-mail
to the TiVo e-mail team. Or find
and share know-how in
these web-based
help forums
. For account-related issues, you must use Manage
My Account
or give us a call.

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Top 10: Most Recorded Shows

Go USA! Here are the top 10 recordings among TiVo subscribers, based on
anonymous, aggregated data, for the week of 08/21/04.

1. Six Feet Under
2. XXVIII Summer Olympics (Various events)
3. The Amazing Race 5
4. XXVIII Summer Olympics (Various events)
5. Nip/Tuck
6. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
7. XXVIII Summer Olympics (Various events)
8. XXVIII Summer Olympics (Various events)
9. XXVIII Summer Olympics (Various events)
10. Big Brother 5

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More TiVocabularyâ„¢ Submissions
They just keep coming in, those clever
TiVocabulary ideas. Matt S., who touts himself a “TiVoted follower
since 1999,” sent in this suggestion to add to our rapidly growing
TiVocracy n. The state of rule an individual can exercise
over the networks and/or cable lineup by using the smart features of the
TiVo service, including the ability to pause live TV, watch any show at
any time, etc.

Inspired? Submit a TiVocabulary word
of your own.

Look Who’s Talking

“People ask me all the time about
what I think has been the coolest technological innovation. I unhesitatingly
say TiVo… It has changed my life immeasurably for the better.”
Derk Scripps, Deseret Morning News

“The two best things about this NFL preseason: TiVo and The NFL Network.”
—Pete Prisco,
Senior Writer

Get Digital

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Digital especially for TiVo newsletter subscribers. Get Digital, the premier
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convert your entire CD library to MP3 files in a fraction of the time it
would take you to convert your own collection. Once you transfer the converted
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Get Digital service to
convert your CD collection. Use Coupon Code: T20-301104 to receive this
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