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Letter from the

Now you can! That’s my public response
to a recent e-mail I got from “Stacy from San Francisco” who
stated this: “For once I actually want to get a company
newsletter, but I can’t find anywhere to sign up for yours!”

She’s right: This newsletter once played very hard to get. Intended only
for TiVo subscribers, it was limited to one e-mail address per account.
But thanks to (flatteringly) demanding e-mails like the one above not
to mention the diligence of our IT team, everyone who craves a TiVo hello
every few weeks can now get one, thankyouverymuch. So tell your husband,
your daughter, your neighbor, or your DIRECTV with TiVo® service-subscribing
friend (who hasn’t been able to see this modest missive hit their InBox
either) that their TiVo Newsletter wish has finally been granted. They,
too, can
today and join our entertainment revelry. Just in time, too: Exciting
updates are forthcoming in future volumes.

To fewer e-mail FWDs,

P.S. Did you see this only-on-the-web
$99 TiVo® box special
?! Buying one as a wedding gift this instant…

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Summer Savings
TiVo Tip

You Ask, We Answer

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Attraction: Daniel J. Cox

ahead: Let those lions and tigers and polar bears right on in to your
living room. For subscribers with a Series2â„¢ box connected to a home
network, it’s as easy as selecting “Music & Photos” from TiVo
Central and locating “Nikon Legends Behind the Lens” to enjoy
the astounding work of this month’s featured NikonNet Legend photographer,
Daniel J. Cox. Dan has been getting up-close-and-personal with animals
and documenting the natural world as a full-time professional for more
than 20 years. He’s been a regular contributor to natural history publications
worldwide, including Audubon, National Wildlife, Sierra, Wildlife Conservation
and National Geographic. He’s also been the sole photographer for seven
books. (Tip: Consider viewing Dan’s work as a slideshow together with
your children as a special treat before bedtime. Combine it with a book
about animals and take turns reading aloud.) Learn more about Daniel J.
Cox by visiting

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Music to Our Ears

In the current film, De-Lovely,
Ashley Judd plays Linda Porter, wife and artistic muse to Broadway musical/comedy
composer Cole Porter (played by Kevin Kline). During an interview about
her role, Ashley, who also appeared in the Broadway revival of Cat On
A Hot Tin Roof
this year, was asked about one T-word, which she promptly
answered with another:
Q: This year, you and your co-star Margo Martindale were nominated
for a Tony Award for Best Supporting Actress as Big Mamma. Did you watch
the Tony telecast?

Ashley: TiVo! It was my last night at home with my husband for a
week or two, so I [recorded the show with TiVo] and watched it later. I
wanted to see Hugh, with whom I did the movie Someone Like You, and Margo,
and also Anne Heche, who is a friend and was also nominated that night.


most shows about the entertainment industry that feature nothing more than
fluff, Sunday Morning Shootout actually has substance,” insists
John C. from Valencia, CA. “The only complaint I have is that the show is
30 minutes long instead of an hour!”
Sunday Morning Shootout, which airs on AMC (and is named after the
point during the making of a movie when star-fits and power struggles turns
into standoffs, walk-outs, and clashing egos), puts you in the crossfire
of two Hollywood icons, Peter Bart and Peter Guber, as they take their best
shots at the industry, the movies and each other. “The conversations
they have with their guests, which have included Mel Gibson (talking candidly
about Passion), director Ed Zwick (The Last Samurai), Ron
Howard & Brian Grazer, are incredibly insightful,” adds John.

How a film ever gets made is a wonder, so schedule
a recording
for Sunday Morning Shootout and you’ll also wonder
how you ever lived without this show.

Got an opinion on great TV? Recommend
to your fellow subscribers with a compelling pitch that includes
a few reasons why the show is a standout. We’ll feature a new recommendation
every newsletter.

TiVo® Tip: Year-All Winners

TiVo Tip is also known as “Watch By Numbers.” If you have premium
channels and like to catch the latest releases ASAP, create a WishListâ„¢
search using keyword “2003.” Choose “Movies” as a
category, a sub-category if you like, and use “View upcoming episodes”
to see what’s in the queue. Fancy film noir? Use a keyword search for
“194*”—the asterisk in this case acts as a “wildcard”
to cover all forty-somethings. You get the (motion) picture. (Special
thanks to Ryan Garcia for the suggestion to re-run a variation of this

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Ask, We Answer

Q. I am moving in a few weeks. Same city, just a new apartment.
Do I need to do anything with my TiVo box or do I just plug it in and
pick up where I left off? —Cynthia in Chicago, IL
A. Congrats on the new place, Cynthia. The only thing you might
need to do is repeat Guided Setup. But that’s only if you answer yes to
one of the following questions:

  • Did you move to a new ZIP code?
  • Did you change cable or satellite
  • Did you change to a different programming
    lineup (for example, you switched from analog cable to digital cable)
    and/or choose a different program package from your provider

If you answered yes to one or more question,
no sweat. Repeating Guided Setup is a snap. Just go to TiVo Central,
select Messages & Setup; then Restart or Reset System; then
Repeat Guided Setup. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete
the setup process.

Most of your Season Passâ„¢ and WishList preferences will automatically
move to the same channel in your new lineup. However, just to be safe,
once you complete Guided Setup, it’s a good idea to double-check your
To Do List to make sure everything you expect to be there actually is.
Go to TiVo Central; select Pick Programs to Record, then
To Do List.

Note: Season Pass recordings are tied to particular call letters, so if
the call letters for a particular station are different now, you will
need to reschedule any Season Pass recordings on the new channel.

There is more
(including pictures) about how to repeat Guided Setup
available on our support website. We also have a more thorough article
that explains when you need to repeat Guided Setup and when you don’t
have to.

Remember, you can
get help with most of your technical questions by visiting our
or by sending an e-mail
to the TiVo e-mail team. Or find
and share know-how in
these web-based
help forums
. For account-related issues, you must use Manage
My Account
or give us a call.

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Like… Kids’ Corner

Hilary said this of our first TIVocabularyâ„¢ submission (tooka-tooka):
“Great definition, but I would argue a slightly different onomatopoeic
pronunciation: ‘Buccup-buccup (buh cup’-buh cup’). Pronounced like ‘buck-up’
but with the flow of ‘hiccup,’” she explains. Meanwhile, Jeremy and
his wife Jill use “woop-woop,” Kim and her husband use “ba-boop,”
Josh and Randi use “buh-dup,” and finally, Rise, originally
from Tokyo, says the Japanese version translates as “puryu-puryu.”
But if you’re still not happy with the sound of those, er, audionyms,
Dave Honsinger, a self-described “TiVo lover since 1999-TiVo owner
since 2001,” sent this on behalf of his 5-year-old son: “When
there’s a commercial, or a boring part, he says, ‘Kanoop it, Daddy!’”
So there.

[insert all words referenced
n., v., —n. 1. the sound the TiVo® service makes
in 2x fast-forward or rewind (or 3x, in the interest of brevity). 2. the
desire to speed past acts, events, or people that don’t interest you.
—v., 3. to skip past the boring stuff.

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