TiVo Delivers New Service Enhancements for Series2 Subscribers, Introduces New Pricing for Multiple

Home Media Features Now Part of Standard $12.95/Month Subscription for First TiVo DVR, $6.95/Month for Additional Boxes

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  • braja

    So, what happens to those of us who PAID for this service (home media option). We bought it for both of our Tivos, back when they were charging for this option… At least we got it during a special where it was $99 for the first, $49 for any additional Tivos you have in your home… but still, I PAID for something they are NOW GIVING AWAY FOR FREE! I have had a Tivo for 4-5 years now… I had an original Sony, my husband had an original Panasonic, then we both upgraded to Series 2. I love my Tivo, the company… I tell everyone under the sun to buy one… and now they screw people over who PAY for service and give it away for free?

    That makes me mad!

  • megazone

    Like I said in the other thread, this isn’t a rational response.

    This is how life is – prices drop, options become standard features, etc. Are you also upset that TiVo continues to lower their MSRP for a given capacity unit, and offers discounts and rebates? I paid a lot more than $129 for the 40 hour S2 I own, but that’s what they’re going for right now – new.

    A 30-hour S1 went for something like $399 when it was new – that’s more than a *140* hour S2 goes for today.

    The games I bought for my PC at $50 a year ago are bargin bin $20 games today – I don’t expect a refund. Movies I paid >$40 for on LD are on DVD for <$20 – with a better transfer and more extras.

    That’s how consumer goods go, especially electronics – over time you get more for less. The longer you wait, the better the deal you can get – but it means waiting and not having whatever it is in the meantime.

  • slamonella

    It would be nice if they would offer the same ‘service enhancements’ for the DirecTivo owners.

  • megazone

    That’s completely up to DirecTV, and not TiVo. TiVo has been trying to get DTV to offer HMO since it came out, and to upgrade to 4.x software – DTV hasn’t done so. It was DirecTV who ordered the USB backdoor disabled in their software after it first shipped with the backdoor still available.

  • sfguamgirl

    I am *so happy* they decided to do this. We didn’t opt for the home media option when we bought a lifetime subscription in December, but recently we decided it would be a great feature to have. I was fully prepared to spend $99 on it and now I don’t have to! I guess we have good timing. :)