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TiVo Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 50
Letter from the Editor

You peeps sure know how to make some noise about TiVo®. I mean that literally.

Based on several e-mail replies I’ve recently received, it appears a new vernacular is emerging amongst our clever community.
“TiVocabulary,” some might say. Katey M., for example, and her best friend in PA, came up with this TiVo onomatopoeia,
which can easily be applied to real-life circumstances:

tooka-tooka (too’ka-too’ka), n., v., —n. 1. the sound the TiVo® service makes in 2x fast-forward or rewind (or 3x,
in the interest of brevity). 2. the desire to speed past acts, events, or people that don’t interest you. —v., 3. to skip past
the boring stuff, such as when Ryan Seacrest won’t shut up during American Idol.

So, if you find yourself muttering “tooka-tooka” or “BONK!” as your boss rambles on or proudly proclaiming your
fine self as a “TiVotee” at parties (you’d be in fine company: Mike Myers has done the same!), we want to hear from you. Let’s build this lingua franca together. Inspired submissions will be published in future newsletters.

Until then, may your days be as productive as your best WishListâ„¢ search,

P.S. Know a mom? Any mom? Come here, just for a second (or go to your room without any supper).

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Pick a Mom, Any Mom
All moms love TiVo®. Honor a mother you know (especially new moms like my friend Charley Z.) with a TiVo® DVR on
Mother’s Day. To make your shopping easier, we’re letting you
snag one now for only $149*, after $50 mail-in rebate. You can also buy a TiVo® service gift subscription, too, so mom can enjoy TiVo® right out of the box. A TiVo® service gift subscription means you pre-pay for the
TiVo® service. Choose 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or product lifetime. Buy today and save! Hoping to split the cost? Get the whole family involved: Send a postcard to share in the glory of giving with siblings. By the way, TiVo® service gift subscriptions are only
available direct from TiVo®.com and Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9!

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More Moms on TiVo®
Last issue, in honor of Mother’s Day (which is Sunday, May 9), we asked TiVo moms to share their TiVo tales, tips and tricks.
Well, celebrity moms like Sarah Jessica Parker and Camryn Manheim enjoy TiVo, too, and both agree motherhood (Parker and Manheim each have a son) makes
it nearly impossible to watch any show live anymore. We asked them what’s on their Now Playing screen when they finally have a free moment to crash on the couch:
Sarah Jessica Parker:Frontline, CNN Presents, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, The Sopranos, Lidia’s Italian American Kitchen, and
The Oprah Winfrey Show

Camryn Manheim:Six Feet Under, The Wiggles and The Oprah Winfrey Show

TiVo® = Winners
Seven-year-old Justin C. of
North Carolina doesn’t remember life before TiVo® (he’s had one since they first rolled off the assembly line), but strangely, he knows more
than most when it comes to commercials. Tasked with a 1st grade math project, Justin decided to study the differences between commercials that
aired during children’s programming and those that aired during adult programming. Using two TiVo® DVRs to record four hours of programming
on a Saturday morning, Justin analyzed the commercials that aired on CNN (representing adult programming) and ABC (representing the kids). He then
tallied the commercials, put them into categories, and made graphs to show the differences and similarities. Justin won 1st place in his school’s
science and math fair and then went on to win at the county level as well. Shall we PAUSE for applause? Congrats, Justin! We always knew TiVo®
subscribers are not just extra special; they’re especially smart!

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Recommend It!
“Both my husband and I have been
fascinated by the subjects featured on Modern Marvels,” says Colleen S. of Atlanta, GA “Such as the history and construction of the Golden Gate
Bridge and Germany’s Autobahn. These are not your usual dull documentaries.” Celebrating ingenuity, invention and imagination brought to life on a grand scale.
Modern Marvels is an original series that tells the fascinating stories of the doers, dreamers and sometime-schemers who created
everyday items, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders. It airs on the History Channel.
Search your TV listings now for Modern Marvels via TiVo® Central Online and if you have the Home Media Option™ package, schedule a recording online and watch an episode or two yourself.

Got an opinion on great TV? Recommend it to your fellow subscribers with a compelling pitch that includes a few reasons why the show is a standout.
We’ll feature a new recommendation every newsletter.

TiVo® Tip: Tricking PLAY
You’ve probably noticed that the TiVo® service uses a “smart scan” feature when fast-forwarding that compensates
for over-shooting your goal; when you hit PLAY, it actually backs up a few seconds, anticipating the place at which you’d intended to stop. If you find
that you still end up too far forward in your program, press the INSTANT REPLAY button once to jump back an extra 8 seconds. Then, in the spirit of your
favorite shampoo, repeat as needed.

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You Ask, We Answer
Q. Is there a way for me to record one program while I watch another program live? Signed, Charlie Ad Infinitum of Everyplace, USA A. This question is way more popular than 90210′s Kelly Taylor, even during her “spring princess” days. And the answer is? It depends.

While you can’t watch other live programs via your DVR as it’s recording another show, you may be able to watch live TV (without TiVo® functionality) on your TV instead.

If you have a cable box, you can split your cable signal, wiring one cable into your cable box and the other directly to your TV.
Next, connect the cable box to your DVR. You will then be able to watch the analog channels (generally those under 100) on your TV
and enjoy the ability to record any channel received through your cable box on your TiVo® DVR. This article
here (complete with illustrations) walks you through the setup step-by-step.

If you have cable without a box (or just antenna channels), you can split the cable/antenna signal, connecting one
cable to your TiVo® DVR and the other to your TV. For instructions, see this article
here from our Customer Support site.

Alternatively, if you are using cable without a box, you can always put your TiVo® DVR in “Standby” mode. This
passes the signal just like the “TV/VCR” button did in the days of those old Video Cassette Recording machines.
To use “Standby,” go to TiVo® Central; then select Messages & Setup; then Standby. There are more details on our support site in

If you are a satellite customer (unless, of course, you have a DIRECTV DVR with TiVo® which has dual-tuner
functionality built-in), it is only possible to watch and record one thing at a time because the satellite box
can only decode one channel at a time. The satellite signal cannot be “split” the way that a cable signal can.

Wondering why you can’t record two shows at the same time? Here’s the answer.

Remember, you can get help with most of your technical questions by visiting our support website or by sending an e-mail to the TiVo e-mail team. For account-related issues, you must use Manage My Account or give us a call.

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Life Before TV, on TV
First there was Frontier House. Then came Manor House, enforcing the rigid hierarchy of
Edwardian England, circa 1905. Now the let’s-go-back-time machine is set to 1628, as two dozen modern-day men, women and children
spend five months building a functioning colony. (That means no, there’s no such thing as toothpaste and there’s no pizza delivery.)
Consider this “reality TV” for NPR-types.
Colonial House starts Monday, May 17, at 9pm and airs on PBS. Go behind the scenes on the colony and discover if you’re a colonist or firmly rooted in the 21st century. Back to top
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TiVo® Top 10
Following are the top 10 WishListâ„¢ searches on DIRECTOR, based on anonymous, aggregated data, for the week ending 04/25/04.

1. Alfred Hitchcock
2. Steven Spielberg
3. Woody Allen
4. Martin Scorcese
5. Stanley Kubrick
6. Joel Coen
7. Akira Kurosawa
8. Quentin Tarantino
9. David Lynch
10. Robert Altman

For the latest TiVo® Top 10, in the category WishList™ searches on ACTOR, check out the I have TiVo® section of

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  • magnoliafly


  • hilker

    Surely anyone in this community who wants to read this is already a subscriber?

    This is actually a less useful than usual edition of News You Can Use. The one a few issues back with information on how to access extended information on programs (full cast list, episode numbers, etc.) was a lot better.

  • megazone

    Well, I figure not everyone who is interested in TiVo necessarily even knows about the news letter. I’ve known TiVo owners who didn’t seem to know about it, and people who are just curious about TiVo and aren’t owners can pop in here.

    I put things like this behind a cut so they’re less obtrusive on friends pages.

    I agree that this edition of the newsletter was less interesting that many of the past editions.

  • shadoh

    I’ve looked on TiVo’s website for the subscription information, but can’t find it.

    I am a DirecTiVo subscriber, so I don’t have an account directly with TiVo…

  • hilker

    You’re right, as demonstrates. It isn’t obtrusive when it’s behind a cut and I don’t object to it being here, but I hadn’t seen one posted here before, so I thought it was a little odd.

    I tried clicking around the TiVo website a bit looking for subscription information and came up short. Yet again TiVo’s vaunted usability doesn’t quite live up to the hype. For anyone who wants to subscribe, I would guess that sending email to might be the thing to do.