HD DirecTiVo up for pre-order

According to PVRBlog the HDTV DirecTiVo is up for pre-order.

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  • ehintz

    Nice… but… does DTV have any HD content yet? Last I heard they had something like 2-3 channels in HD, which is kind of pointless IMHO…

    On the subject of DTV, anybody aware of a listing of their sat locations? Somebody said in N. Australia you can pickup a DishNetwork sat over Hawaii with a rather large dish (something like 16ft IIRC) so I’m curious to find out if I could pull the same stunt from Wellington to a DTV sat. I’m further South, but also further West, so I suppose it’s possible. Would be really nice to get a DTV feed down here, SkyTVs offerings are pretty slim.

  • megazone

    They do have more than 3 channels, but it is still a small number. They just added a couple and say more are coming. But keep in mind that for folks in the US this unit can also tune and record over-the-air ATSC HDTV broadcasts. So you can record all of your local HDTV with this thing *plus* DTV HDTV *plus* standard DTV.

  • ehintz

    Hmm. That does increase the usefulness a bit. I wonder how they deal with guide data for the locals? Under the normal DTV setup they’re in charge of the locals coming through the feed, but under this setup it may well be different; when we lived in Antioch (far east SF Bay Area) we actually got better OTA reception of Sacramento channels than SF, but the DTV locals were SF.

  • megazone

    DTV does indeed send the guide data for the OTA locals over the satellite. But that’s different from the satellite fed ‘locals’. So you might have both a standard-res satellite ‘local’ channel and an OTA HDTV local of the same network.