Orkut TiVo Community

If you’re an Orkut user, you may be interested in the TiVo community there.

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  • tomo_kun

    Meh, nothing can beat the AVS one. http://www.tivocommunity.com. People from TiVo post there, if you have account trouble, you can always talk to TiVoOpsMGR there and he will fix it.

  • megazone

    Personally I find TiVoCommunity maddening – too much noise, and vBulletin sucks, hard. I HATE HATE HATE forums that auto-mark things as read. I can’t just pop in there to look at anything or it’ll flag everything as being read on me. That’s so lame. My favorite ‘forum’ is alt.video.ptv.tivo – TiVo folks there too.

    I have a whole list of them in the info page for this community.

  • tomo_kun

    Your right. and answering the same question 900 times a week dose get old fast .