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TiVo Files A Counter Suit Against Motorola Mobility, And Drags Time Warner Cable Into The Fray

I guess with the Microsoft fight off their plate TiVo’s legal eagles had room for a new bout, as they’ve just filed a counter suit against Motorola – and Motorola’s customer, Time Warner Cable. Just over a year ago, in … Continue reading

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Microsoft And TiVo Bury The Legal Hatchet

Over a year ago, in the midst of TiVo’s legal battle with AT&T over patents, Microsoft also filed suit against TiVo. This was seen as largely a move to support their customer, AT&T, which uses Microsoft’s IPTV platform for their … Continue reading

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TiVo Racks Up Another Patent Win – $215+ Million From AT&T

When TiVo settled their long-running patent lawsuit against DISH Network and EchoStar for $500 million back in May it did more than just settle the one suit. It also strengthened TiVo’s hand when dealing with other vendors it feels are … Continue reading

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Has Apple Been Working On An Apple TV DVR?

Back in October, 2006 Apple filed a patent application for a ‘Search user interface for media device’ which describes a search interface on a media device, which sure sounds like an Apple TV variant, with a remote control which resembles … Continue reading

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More Responses To Court Ruling In TiVo’s Favor

Following yesterday’s ruling in favor of TiVo regarding EchoStar’s violation of their patents, DISH Network Corporation issued the following statement: We are pleased the Federal Circuit found for us on Tivo’s hardware claims, but are disappointed in the Federal Circuit’s … Continue reading

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