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NewTeeVee Pans The Channel Master TV

NewTeeVee, part of the GigaOM network, has done a video review of the Channel Master TV, aka CM-7400, and they pretty much panned it for the same issues I pointed out in my two previous posts. Basically the high price … Continue reading

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More Info On the Channel Master TV DVR, Now Even Less Appealing

The other day I posted about the Channel Master TV CM-7400 ATSC & clear QAM DVR, and given its features and $400 price tag I concluded that a $600 TiVo Premiere with lifetime was the better deal. Well, now we … Continue reading

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The Channel Master TV CM-7400, an OTA DVR Alternative to TiVo?

Channel Master is probably best known for the CM-7000PAL OTA DVR, which was better known as the Dish Network DTVPal DVR when it launched back in 2008 to coincide with the digital broadcast transition. It is still out there, still … Continue reading

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Cut the Cord, Pay Less for TiVo

Dave Zatz noticed a seeming stealth promotion by TiVo to appeal to cord cutters – those who abandon cable and satellite to turn to free OTA broadcasts tuned via antenna and/or over-the-top broadband content. While the normal monthly rate for … Continue reading

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