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Android Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Asymco has produced some graphs showing the amazing arc Android growth is on. These are units shipped, not sold, granted, but it is still a comparison between platforms. Smartphone market penetration is now over 30% of the total phone market. … Continue reading

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Buy An Unlocked Nokia N96, Save 47% And Get Free Videos

The good news, if you buy an unlocked Nokia N96 smartphone from Amazon through December 31, 2008 you not only save 47% off MSRP, but you’re eligible for $9.95 worth of free downloads from Amazon Video On Demand. The N96 … Continue reading

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Zatz Not Funny Checks Out HAVA Mobile On Nokia Internet Tablets

Dave Zatz over at Zatz Not Funny spent a little hands-on time with HAVA Mobile running on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. HAVA, a product of Monsoon Multimedia, is a placeshifting application similar to Sling Media’s Slingbox. And like SlingPlayer … Continue reading

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HAVA Mobile Player For Nokia Internet Tablets Now Officially Available

It has actually been openly available for a while as a public beta, but now Monsoon Multimedia is officially launching the HAVA Mobile Player for Nokia Internet Tablets. They issued a press release and everything. The free client runs on … Continue reading

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Monsoon’s HAVA Player On Nokia Internet Tablets

Monsoon Multimedia’s HAVA products are a lesser-known competitor to the Slingbox in the place-shifting market. One of the largest limitations to the HAVA product line has been the limited client platform compatibility, which has amounted to Windows or Windows Mobile … Continue reading

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