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Google Offers a Video Walk-Through of Google TV

It is a quick demo of Google TV 2.0, but it provides a decent high-level view of what it available as well as the new UI.

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SlingPlayer for Connected Devices Launches, Hits Boxee First

Sling Media seems to have woken up from their nap recently as they’ve started releasing new and updated products. Recently we’ve have SlingPlayer for Android Tablets, SlingPlayer for Facebook, and Chrome support added to watch.slingbox.com. Things really seemed to slow … Continue reading

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Google TV Updated – Three Weeks Ago

Sometimes there is just too much to cover and not enough time in the day and things get backed up. I’ve actually had tabs open in Chrome for this news for weeks, and I’m finally getting it out. Back on … Continue reading

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A Peak at the Coming Google TV Upgrade

As I’ve mentioned before, Google TV stumbled out of the gate due to a combination of factors – high prices, limited features, lack of polish, etc. Google TV efforts were effectively put on hold once it became obvious it needed … Continue reading

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Save $50 on a Logitech Revue Google TV Unit Bundled with a Logitech TV Cam

Logitech recently slashed the price in their Revue Google TV box to just $99.99. Now you can save an extra $50 on a Logitech Revue with Google TV + TV Cam Combo. The combo is just $199.98, instead of the … Continue reading

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