The Evolution of Google Search

Google Logo The Official Google Blog had an interesting post today about the evolution of search, more specifically, Google search, of course. It is a bit of a look at where Google has been and how it has grown and changed.

Google Search Timeline Watching the video associated with the post was interesting because it reminded me of things I’d long since forgotten. I’m so used to using Google every day, from my PC and my Droid, that it seems like it has always been like it is now. But seeing the old page designs, the changes in the search results page over the years, you realize how far it has come.

I’d totally forgotten what it was like ten years ago when Google only updated roughly each month, so search results we’re always topical. Now I can search on some topics and find blog posts I made just hours earlier. And we completely take it for granted now. When some new event happens how many of us turn to Google, or another search engine, to find the latest stories? That just wasn’t possible ten years ago. I think it is awesome, and I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to the days before Google, Wikipedia, et al.

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