TiVoCast Adds MediaBytes

TiVo has added another channel to the TiVoCast lineup, MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer. Lifted from the sites bio page:

MediaBytes is a filtered daily news service from ShellyPalmer.com. Each day we sort out all the technology, media and entertainment news so you don’t have to. You give us two minutes, and we’ll give you the stuff you really care about.

And who is Shelly Palmer? Also from the bio page:

Shelly Palmer is Managing Director of Advanced Media Ventures Group LLC and the author of Television Disrupted: The Transition from Network to Networked TV (2006, Focal Press). Shelly is also the president of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, NY, vice-chairman of The National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences and oversees the Advanced Media Technology Emmy® Awards.

And that’s the really, really short version – you can get the full version from the site. I’ve been reading various of his blogs for a while now.

As for the TiVoCast channel, you can subscribe online or on your TiVo via Find Programs & Downloads -> Download TV, Movies, & Web Video -> Browse Other Videos -> All -> MediaBytes

I think TiVo is pulling some entries from the Web Video list too – I know I saw one of Robert Scoble’s video podcasts in the list the other day, but it doesn’t seem to be listed anymore. I wonder what happens if you subscribe to a Web Video feed and then they remove it from the list. Are you forcefully unsubscribed? Are you stuck being subscribed – since you lose the ability to edit or remove subscription? (Without manually editing the TiVo Desktop configuration files anyway, which is not something most users are going to be doing.)

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