TiVo Tests LinkedIn Recruiter

Many of you probably have profiles on LinkedInI do. For those who don’t, LinkedIn is basically a social network aimed and professionals, designed to help people keep in touch with past and present co-workers, etc. in the same way Facebook or MySpace target a younger audience for social connections. LinkedIn also serves as a resource for both recruiters and job seekers, and it seems that TiVo is one of the testers for the new ‘LinkedIn Recruiter’. Inside Recruiting, obviously aimed at the recruiting industry, has an article in which they talk to TiVo about the new features.

It seems that William Uranga, TiVo’s senior director of staffing, is fairly well impressed with the new LinkedIn Recruiter functionality. But what I found most interesting, probably unsurprisingly given my interests and the focus of this blog, are the TiVo hiring stats revealed in the article. 30% of new hires come through employee referrals. 17% come from networking/niche boards. 23% come in via TiVo’s website. Temp-to-perm conversions account for 9%, as do internal transfers. And agencies account for 10%. And it helps to be experienced if you want to work for TiVo:

“Hiring here at TiVo tends to be very boutique,” Uranga explains.

“The majority of hires here at TiVo tend to be in the experienced column, and to that end, we’re typically looking for people with a minimum of three years in a particular field,” he says.

A little peek at the business side of TiVo.

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