Get a TiVo HD for $218.99!

Circuit City is already offering a discount on the TiVo HD – instead of $299.99 you pay $258.99.

But there’s more, there are also current Circuit City coupons to save $40 of a purchase of $199 or more. Using a coupon brings it down to $218.99 (plus any tax). A number of users at have picked up units for this price at their local Circuit City. And some have also received refunds for the difference in price, since they purchased it in the last week before the price dropped.

You might be able to get other retailers, such as Best Buy, to price match. Can’t hurt to try.

I’m really surprised to see it discounted so soon after launch. This should really boost sales – until CC runs out of boxes.

(Personally I stopped shopping at Circuit City when they backed DIVX over DVD… yes, I’m old and crotchety.)

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  • David Crow

    I’m not seeing a discount online at Circuit City any more – it’s back to $2.99. Was it a mistake? A limited time offer? Maybe Circuit City uses techniques like Amazon and not everyone gets the same price?

  • megazone

    Looks like they ended it and raised the price again – maybe it was a mistake in the first place. It wasn’t something where some people got it and others didn’t, a lot of people on different forums got that price and people were getting it walking into stores around the country.

    Maybe Circuit City was a bit overwhelmed by the response and decided to pull the promotion?