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Even 100 TiVo® newsletters later, I’m still sharing the most incredible news about the best only-on-TiVo features with my favorite extended family: from giving you the ins and outs on the best way to find and record your favorite shows to now actually making them!

Imagine this: You have your very own TV channel. Every show on that channel stars the most important people, places and events in your life. It’s better than “reality TV.” It’s real life.

You—yes, you—can now send that video of Maggie’s first steps straight to grandma’s Now Playing List 3,000 miles away. Better still, grandma can “Get a Season Pass” and never miss another precious “episode” again. TiVo and One True Media are connecting TiVo families like never before with Home Movie Sharing, so don’t miss this special offer to get your first five videos “on the air” sooner rather than later.

Ready and action!

P.S. Here’s an offer that will really get you (and your friends) connected (so you’re able to enjoy features like Home Movie Sharing and Amazon Unbox on TiVo): We’ll throw in a wireless network adapter for one penny when you purchase a 180-hour TiVo® Series2â„¢ DT DVR with any 3-year commit plan. Choose monthly or prepay to save even more. (Tip: Prepay for three years and you’ll be getting the only Emmy® award-winning DVR service for just $8.31 per month!) Offer expires April 30, 2007.

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TiVo Hotlinks

Newest TiVo Feature: Home Movie Sharing (Try it, FREE!)If you have a broadband-connected TiVo® Series2â„¢ or Series3â„¢ DVR, you’re just a few clicks away from enjoying home movies on your TV, sent straight to your Now Playing List. With a premium membership to One True Media, you direct the shows; you edit the footage; you even hand-pick your viewing audience. And it’s really this easy:

  • Effortlessly upload your home movies (delete photos) using One True Media (you can even send them old film, stills and movies, and they’ll do it for you!).
  • Easily customize your “show” with special effects, titles and music.
  • Share your favorite memories by sending them directly to the TV of another TiVo subscriber (Remember: It’s always free for recipients!)

Hurry, sign up by April 30th to create your first five One True Media Montages for FREE (and tell your non-TiVo subscribers to join so they can send their videos to your TiVo box)! After April 30th, it’s as low as $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year to create montages with One True Media. (There is no fee to receive montages on your TiVo box.)

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Movie & TV Downloads, TiVo StyleThousands of titles are waiting for you to buy or rent, queued up and ready to download direct to your TiVo Now Playing List. Think of Amazon Unbox on TiVo as having the world’s biggest video store connected to your TV.

Register your broadband-connected TiVo® Series2™ or Series3™ DVR by April 30th and get $15 in free movies and TV shows from Amazon Unbox.

Sorry, not available for DIRECTV TiVo subscribers.

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Pick up the (mobile) phone and…Record a show. Now you can roam if you want to… and still schedule a TiVo recording, right from your cell phone*.

TiVo and Verizon are proud to introduce TiVo Mobile, the world’s first phone application that lets you see what’s on TV, and schedule TiVo recordings from almost anywhere. You can also:

  • Browse your TV listings
  • Get the TiVo “Daily Picks” and “Most Popular Shows,” rated by real TiVo subscribers
  • Search programs by title, actor/director, keyword
  • Browse by category

And yes, you’ll recognize the same TiVo menus and recording features you enjoy at home, but with the freedom to roam far, far away from your couch.

*The list of supported Verizon Wireless phones is updated frequently. Availability supported anywhere within the National Enhanced Service Rate and Coverage Area. Airtime is required for use.

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TiVo Desktop 2.4 Preview ReleaseBeen wanting to watch video podcasts or other free downloadable videos on your TV? Then get your paws on our preview release of TiVo Desktop 2.4, the upcoming Windows app that automatically converts Web video downloads so you can watch them on your TiVo® Series2™ DVR (soon for TiVo® Series3™ HD).

With TiVo Desktop 2.4, any unprotected video file you download or link to the “My TiVo Recordings” folder will also appear on your Now Playing List, so you can watch it from the comfort of your couch.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your TiVo box and Windows® PC connected on your home network
  • TiVo Desktop 2.4 Preview Release
  • TiVo Desktop Plus upgrade key (Buy now for $24.95.)

Oh, and Series3 shutterbugs will be pleased to know that TiVo Desktop 2.4 Preview also includes a new Photos app that utilizes a full 1280×720 pixels so your slideshows will look even more stunning on your HDTV. There’s even a Yahoo! Flickrâ„¢ plugin so you can curl up on the couch and enjoy the most recent popular photos. See for yourself.

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TiVo Tip: Go Places

With spring in full swing, it’s time to get a hop on your summer plans. Use a TiVo WishList® search to suss out potential vacation spots so you know where to go, what to see, and at which restaurants you should eat.

  • From Find Programs, select WishList Search
  • Select Keyword and enter the name of the country or city you’d like to visit (Try your hometown, just for kicks.) If the city is more than one word, use quotation marks [PAUSE button] to indicate exact phrase
  • For Category, choose, Interests; sub-category, Travel
  • Choose “View upcoming episodes” to see what hit or select “Auto-record WishList programs”

Just don’t forget to send us a postcard.

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The TiVo Card
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Apple® iPod Nano 4gb

Point Value: 35,000

The idea of spending some TiVo Points on this lovely little thing sounds really good indeed.

Need to remind some friends they need a TiVo® box of their own? Send one of these postcards and maybe you’ll score some TiVo Rewardsâ„¢ points while you’re at it.

A “Guide” to spring cleaning

Spring break usually means the kids watch TV while you clean the closets. Better “turn on” TiVo KidZone… and don’t forget
KidZone Guides to proliferate your Now Playing List with quality content for kids.
TiVo KidZone Guides are lists of high-quality kid’s TV shows recommended by leading national children’s organizations. And the E/I Guide is dedicated entirely to educational/informational programming for kids! Get an entire guide or choose individual programs. You decide. Focus on cleaning your closets instead of cleaning up your children’s TV shows.

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Fan MailEvery time I get your de-lovely TiVo Fan Mail, I can hear that Cole Porter song “You Do Something to Me” on instant replay in the back of my head. Whether it mystifies by its ease-of-use or hypnotizes with its smart features, it definitely inspires subscribers like you to “sing loud and strong”. So here’s the deal:

Tell us what TiVo does for you (perhaps something that “nobody else can do”) and you’ll have the chance to sing those praises publicly before the world. Inquiring journalistic minds want to know, so remember: By sending Shanan your story, you could become a media superstar!

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