Series1 DST fix – better late than never

TiVo didn’t initially have a real fix for the S1, leaving users to modify their manual recordings, but now they’ve released one. Users who want the fix need to request it here.

Picked up from PVR Wire @ TV Squad.

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  • dottey

    Hmmm… My S1 has been sitting on the shelf since we purchased the S3 in November. I wonder if it is worth it to pull it off the shelf? Probably not.

  • chancelot

    maybe you could get a few bucks for it off of eBay?

  • stark0228

    You might want to give credit the TCF member jberman. He figured out how to fix DST on the S1 even though Tivo’s engineers said it couldn’t be fixed.

  • kikikimi

    Wow, it really sounds like TiVo should offer jberman a job!

  • klia


  • megazone

    Thanks – PVRWire @ TV Squad mentioned TiVoCommunity, but I didn’t see a link to what they were talking about for details.

  • pasketti

    My S1 got patched last week, right before the patch. Didn’t have to request it special or anything.

    But my service number starts with 011, so mine may have been different.

  • dottey

    I have to at least wait until my lifetime transfer has gone through completely. And after that, the S1 is pretty useless when you can get many S2s free after rebate (with service purchase).

  • stark0228

    TivoPony’s announcement thread is here:

    jberman’s first post of the fix is here:

    The URL of the page to request the patch is:

  • credendovides

    Wow, for once DirecTV was on top of things while TiVo was slow to get a release out?

    DirecTV had my combo S1 updated before that weekend.

  • fxl

    Wow. I already canceled my service thinking that Tivo no longer cared about us S1 owners (They flat out ignored my bug reports for 3 years, so the DST issue was no surprise).

    Too little, too late I guess.