Daylight savings time changes – Great news for the Series2/3, not so good for the Series1

There’s a thread about the DST changes over at

TiVoJerry has made a few posts with information. From one post:

Series2 and Series3 have been updated to accommodate the changes to DST. There will be a few cosmetic display issues on Series2 systems, but they do not affect functionality (all of your shows should record just fine). The two cosmetic issues we’re aware of are:
**The Series2 guide and the clock displays will “jump” ahead at GMT instead of your local DST, but recordings will still happen at the proper time. (i.e. for Pacific Time the clock will display as 7pm instead of 6pm, Eastern Time would be fine until 9pm, jumping to 10pm).
**Series2 DVD platforms may display the incorrect time on the bezel for a little longer, but will have no effect on your recordings.DIRECTV platforms have software releases going out now that carry a fix, but I am told they require a phone connection to install. I don’t personally know of any issues with them, but all reports or questions should be directed to DIRECTV.

We’re confirming what the behavior will be on Series1 units, but there are no updates currently planned for those systems. From our testing we anticipate any issues on these systems to also be purely cosmetic (your shows will record just fine), but I’m still working to confirm this.

From another post:

S3 will function and display properly. No known exceptions.S2 will function but the displayed time (guide, banner, ToDo List, recording screens, system information) will display the incorrect time. This cosmetic display inconsistency happens between GMT+0 (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific for example) and DST for your local time zone. Even though the times may be displayed incorrectly, the recordings will happen on time as expected. This include manual recordings.

And from yet another post:

The cosmetic issue for S2 units is fixed in our next update, so it will not be an issue for the fall time change.Since TiVo CS has not supported the DTV platform since 2001, I am not intimately familiar with all the details around the various DTV platforms and their respective software versions. However, I’m being am told not to worry because our engineering department worked with DTV awhile ago on getting fixes into software, some of which was tested awhile ago but only recently auth’d for distribution.

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  • mabfan

    Yeah, we noticed something odd when it told us that our recording of the 6 am channel 7 news next Monday was the Today Show.

    From those posts above, I can’t tell, but can I assume that TiVo will indeed fix this issue for our series 1 before the time change? Or are we in trouble?

  • anonymous

    From what has been posted so far, it sounds like the S1 isn’t certain. They expect it to only be a cosmetic issue, but haven’t said for sure – just to wait for more info.

  • megazone

    From what has been posted so far, it sounds like the S1 isn’t certain. They expect it to only be a cosmetic issue, but haven’t said for sure – just to wait for more info.

  • mabfan

    I say, “Great,” with sarcasm.

    Well, this is why I read TiVo lovers….

  • anonymous

    My un-subscribed Tivo1 is definitely a problem. Now I am going to have to erase and redo all my repeating recording time/dates for the next 3 weeks and then repeat this again in three weeks. I never did understand why you could not set the time via the remote. What a hassle.

  • anonymous

    The S1 TiVo’s clock and listings have all moved back one hour, so for example, the 6 o’clock news now lists at 5 PM. Recordings by show title work properly, but manual time/channel recordings must be manually adjusted by one hour for the next few weeks.