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TiVo has opened sign-ups for the 8.1 Software Priority Request: Sign up here!

Thank you for your interest in the new TiVo Fall 2006 Service Update, featuring enhanced support for recording live events, WPA network security, and improved system performance.

Note that this is currently for Series2 units only, the Series3 will be getting an update later. And for WPA/WPA2 security on WiFi you must be using the TiVo branded 11g adapter. All other WiFi adapters remain WEP only.

Spotted via ZatzNotFunny

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  • okiedohkiepokie

    by ‘system performance’ does it perhaps mean it will address the sluggishness that has been my tivo box since August?

  • megazone

    That’s the idea.

  • buran

    Great. So the latest and greatest $800 box gets attention later than the older ones? I bought the adapter already even. Thanks Tivo….

  • megazone

    There are over a million S2 boxes in the field, I’d be surprised if there are 100,000 S3s in the field – maybe less than 10,000 actually. The S2 is the meat of the market, and will remain so for a while. Most new sales are going to be S2s until the S3 comes way, way, way down in price.

    I don’t think it is at all surprising that they’d push the S2 update out before the S3 update. I think they’d be absolutely stupid not to do it that way. And if they did the S3 first, then they’d get screams of ‘neglect’ from the S2 users claiming TiVo was favoring their ‘rich’ customers.

    Plus they’ve already said the next S3 update will include the features the S2s got in 7.3 – TiVoCast, KidZone, Recently Deleted, etc – so there is more to test on the S3 than the S2 since the S3 is making a bigger jump than the S2. I’d be testing will simply take longer, so the S2 is ready sooner.

  • megazone

    You know, thinking about it, I would be surprised if there were even close to 100,000 S3s out there. 10,000 is within reason considering the number of retail outlets and a few boxes per store.

  • susandennis

    Thank you so much for stuff like this. I used to wade through the avalanche of stuff on TiVo Community but with you on top of the important stuff, I don’t have to! thanks!!

  • anonymous

    Much faster. Way to go tivo…

  • megazone

    Cool, glad to hear it.

  • buran

    Perhaps, and that does make sense, but then you can counter that with “well, if people are going to spend this kind of money on this kind of thing, and then find that you don’t get things like, oh, vital network security updates and are forced to use security that is known to be weak, what kind of committment is that on the part of the manufacturer? Why wasn’t better security included in the first place?”

    I’ve been waiting for an awfully long time to be able to secure my network and am relying on WEP-128 and no broadcast of the base station SSID, and security based on obscurity isn’t exactly the best way to go about it. Stuff like kids’ programming and recently deleted items isn’t as big a deal as network security is … or should be.

    I’ve personally had to deal with cleaning up the results of shoddy network security on others’ systems. Maybe I have a harsher view of the ongoing ignorance of the issue than the general public does, but I still thnk it’s important.