Engadget’s hands-on look at the new TiVo broadband features

Yesterday, at an event in NYC, TiVo was showing up previews of the new broadband features they announced recently, and Engadget was there.

They have a number of pictures and a little overview of the new TiVoCast features, the 2.4 Desktop Plus transcoding, etc. The One True Media site for uploading & editing videos, and then sharing them to TiVos, looks fairly easy to use. People and setup a Season Pass for your ‘channel’ and then any time you post new video, it shows up on their TiVo. It actually does seem like a very easy way for families to share video with far-flung friends and relatives. And any budding creative types could create their own ‘network’ to display their shows. I know I’d rather watch content on my TV from the comfort of my couch than on my comparatively small laptop screen… err, from the comfort of my couch. :-) OK, so the couch is a constant.

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  • scarymike

    Most of the files I convert to watch on my Tivo are avi files (divx i believe). Is there any word on what formats the 2.4 desktop autoconversion will handle?

  • megazone

    I’ve heard it handles Quicktime, WMV, and MPEG-4/H.264. AVI is a container format that can use a number of different codecs, so I don’t know if it supports those – or maybe it does but only AVI with specific codecs, etc.

  • wc

    What I’ll be interested in is how they will prevent user-ripped/encoded copyright material from being passed this way. Is there some sort of size/length limit?