Exclusive limited-time offer: FREE TiVo® box

TiVo® makes television SAFE, easy, and fun! TiVo® KidZone is the only DVR solution that puts you, the parent, back in control of what your kids are watching. And now TiVo has partnered with Minor League Baseball parks to bring you these exclusive, limited-time offers on 1-year prepaid TiVo Package.

From 6/17 to 7/15 you can get an 80-hour S2 for $155.40 or an 80-hour S2DT for $185.40 with one year of service. That’s a $68.60 savings over the usual bundle price of $224 for the S2, or $254 for the S2DT.

They’ve also teamed up with minor league baseball teams to give away TiVos at games – and posted a list of the games.

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  • dbldbl

    gah! one day post before they would be in Stockton? grrrrr…

    good catch for those near to a minor-league team. I’dda hit the Stockton game, as it’s the closest to the SF Bay Area, but, alas…

    hope those near to a game can take advantage of the promo!

  • megazone

    Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner myself – been enjoying the weekend and just catching up on blogs and such since Friday.

  • dbldbl

    that’s ok.

    I’m in the market for another S2; was able to grandfather my JCPenney free promo TiVo to lifetime…

    could I add this offer to my account? i’d be prepaying, so am not sure if this becomes an additional TiVo to my account, or would it have to be standing on it’s own? (it’d make a groovy belated Father’s Day gift)…

  • shuckiduck

    i would have urged my parents to go, they live there!
    oh well. i mean, it took them years to upgrade from dial-up. *shakes head*