New TiVo boxes let users record two shows at once

TiVo said on Tuesday it will start to sell digital video recorders with dual tuners that allow users to record two television programs simultaneously.

C|net also did a review of the S2DT, and it is a pretty good review overall. There is also a video report on the unit with the review.

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  • notspam

    Did you happen to find how many hours these boxes are? I can’t seem to find anything that says – I’m assuming 40 hours as that seems to be the default now but geez, I’d want more if I could do two channels at once! A 40 hour box with two channel recording would be more like a tease to me. (I am often 30-40 hours behind on watching then catch up in a tivo-lost weekend or something!)

  • megazone

    The press release I posted earlier today and the article linked in this entry mention the 80-hour box, the review linked in this entry states there is an 80 hour and a 180 hour unit.

  • summercamp

    I wish I had known this a month ago when I bought my second one…

  • megazone

    That’s always the way it is with technology – you buy something and the new model comes out. :-) This one did get leaked last month, but it only got noticed in blogs and forums.

  • summercamp

    It’s all about timing in life!

  • okiedohkiepokie

    Well, with my service plan I have on my tivo, it looks like I’m going to be wishing for my tivo to malfunction the day this bad boy comes out!

  • smackfu

    Wow, I might actually upgrade my series 1 box now.