TiVo scores patent win against EchoStar

A Texas jury has awarded TiVo $73.9 million in damages after finding that EchoStar infringed on patents held by TiVo for digital video recorders.

This is a big win for TiVo. I’m sure EchoStar will appeal, but this win gives TiVo more leverage in licensing their software, or intellectual property, to others.

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  • chancelot

    never heard of EchoStar, is it just another “TiVo” but with a different name?

  • mrmac14

    It is the parent company of DISH satalite service.

  • wickerdotus

    Too bad I didn’t buy Tivo stock before today. It was up 21% today. argh!!!

  • tenaya

    Direct TV satellite service also comes with a dvr. Has that company also encroached on Tivo’s intellectual property?

  • megazone

    DirecTV has a license with TiVo, which they just renewed for three more years. See the post from a day or two ago about the renewal.

  • chancelot

    I just wish that Directv’s Tivo did as much as the Series 2. I had a DTV DVR for a while and gave it to my parents when I finally went back to cable and got a S2. I love hooking it up to my network for updates, and that’s especially convenient since we switched to voip and it won’t seem to get updates like that.