TiVo, the creator of and a leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVR), today announced the winner of a contest to crown the top TiVo enthusiast in the nation. As the winner of the TiVo Ambassador contest, San Diego resident Matt Ward will enjoy $50,000 in cash and prizes—including a new Mini Cooper convertible—and a once in a lifetime opportunity to help spread the word about the joys of owning a TiVo® DVR.

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  • dw_duck

    So how’s 495 today?

  • megazone

    No problems I’ve heard of, but I live to the west so I don’t normally use I495, I commute in I190/I290. :-)

  • camarodude93

    hey does anyone know how i can hook up my DVD player to my tivo so im able to record movies?

  • megazone

    If you have a DVD-RW TiVo then just connect it to the VCR/Camera in ports.

    If you have a standard TiVo then setup the TiVo to think it has an external cable box, then connect the DVD player to the A/V in and play the DVD when you tell it to record. It’ll think it is recording from a cable box.

  • the_new_guy07

    Do I need to redo Guided set up to tell the tivo that there is a cable box or just hook the dvd player to the AV input?

  • megazone

    If it isn’t setup already to use an external receiver then you’d need to redo setup.