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    • yakko7178

      I don’t know if I agree with the “Works with any TV setup” claim. I tried Tivo with “rabbit ears” and it was useless. At least for my area, there’s no channel lineup for only the over the air channels. It probably would work if I wanted to go and have it hide the almost 90 basic cable channels, but I’d still have incorrect lineups with OTA channel 3 being basic cable channel 2 in the lineup.

    • megazone

      If the TiVo doesn’t have a lineup for your area you can report it and they’ve been pretty good at producing new lineups.

    • smashedagainst

      i just set up my boyfriend with tivo and rabbit ears. We told it to use the antenna. Tivo got channels that even he didn’t know were on the air. Also, the Tivo’s receiver is better than any TV in his house … brings in 2 of the local stations passably, where the TV sets would previously show the stations as mostly static.

      See if you can go with antenna setting and then have it scan all the channels the same way VCRs and TVs auto program for cable channels.

      Heck, maybe even a call in to TiVo tech could help with that.