TiVo Series3 one step closer to release

I spotted this in TiVo Today and TiVo Blog, over on TiVoCommunity.com, TiVoPony reported the Series3 received CableCARD certification. According to TiVoPony, the Series3 passed all 444 tests in one try and received CableLabs verification. (PDF) See page 10 – which also reveals the model # tested as the TCD648250A.

Congrats to TiVo! Now, when can I get one? ;-)

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  • weaktwos


    *waits eagerly*

  • warewolf

    When I activated (quite almost just under the wire, until they extended it) my last Humax TiVo to get lifetime service, the CS rep said “Wow, you have a lot of TiVos.”

    like 8 tivos in 6 years is oh-so-that many.

    More to come, you can count on that.

  • vectorbc

    Maybe a dumb question, but will the new Series 3 allow you to view DirecTV without a DirecTV box? I love my Series 2, but my only issue is that the channel changing to record is only 90% successful using the infrared blaster. The DirecTV box I have doesn’t have a serial port to run a cable … consequently, there are times that I do get a blank screen, or the wrong channel. Ideally, Series 3 will accept the DirecTV card – so that you won’t need their box. I intend to buy 2 of the new TIVO box, it will be AWESOME!

  • megazone

    The Series3 will not with with satellite at all. It is cable and antenna *only*.