Ads soon searchable with TiVo

TiVo on Monday announced plans to provide its subscribers with searchable ads for selected categories as part of a joint effort with several media and advertising agencies.

TiVo’s announcement is getting press already, of course. One comment on this article:But it has yet to be seen whether this latest advertising technology appeals to users who hit TiVo’s 30-second hidden skip feature to jet past ads. Speaking as someone who has used the 30-second skip back door for 4 years or so – yes, it does appeal to me. I don’t mind ads when they’re targeted to *me*, and not shotgunned at me. If an ad is relevant to what I’m looking for, then I’ll read/watch it. I skip over most ads while watching TV because few ads have relevance to me. I’m a single guy – I don’t care about ads for feminine or children’s products. I just bought a new car, so car ads are pointless to me. I have TiVo, so the cable and satellite companies can shove their DVR ads. But I’m a geek and a media fan – so I’m interested in gadgets and new movies – theater or DVD, and things like that. I’m an individual, not a generic “Single, White, Male, 25-35, Middle Class” demographic. So I’m going to try this out when it is available.

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