TiVo Handheld Device Software Draws Ire at TV Network

“TiVo appears to be acting unilaterally, disregarding established rights of content owners to participate in decisions regarding the distribution and exploitation of their content,” an NBC Universal spokesperson told Hollywood’s Daily Variety trade paper.

Check out the article. It isn’t a completely unexpected reaction, but it is still lame. Old media companies wanting to control how consumers access the content – mainly charging for the DVDs, OnDemand, downloads, etc.

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  • buran

    Dear bureaucratic idiots who still think it is the 1980s:

    “TiVo appears to be acting unilaterally, affirming established rights of customers to participate in decisions regarding the storage and viewing of our preferred programming.”

  • axey

    Network affiliates are feeling threatened, too. I work for one and our last staff meeting, believe it or not, was about podcasting. It’s considered a ‘threat’ because networks believe their syndicated programming is their only asset for attracting advertisers and viewers. With CBS and others releasing their syndicated shows for podcasting DLs, the arguement is that no one needs to watch TV anymore, so the affiliates lose ad money.

    At least with regard to podcasting, there’s a local niche that stations could still exploit. There will always be a market for local news and sports coverage. Just adjust the format and make it available for download. They could even split things up so people can DL what they want, like the sports segment, or local business news, happenings, etc.

    Well, that’s what helps me sleep, anyway. :o /

  • buran

    It seems we can’t win. We finally get to choose OUR way of viewing or listening to stuff, and now that the customers are happy because they have some choice, and therefore stop complaining, someone ELSE complains.

    I think there will always be someone somewhere who is upset because they’re not happy. I’m actually happy that the control has finally gone the other way — “you” have had control for how long? I think karma has finally come around and we, the users, are due for a few decades of happiness. I believe in fairness and being subject to someone else’s whims for so long has earned us a good long time of being in charge.