Study finds TiVo losing ground among DVR users

TiVo Inc. has created a digital video recorder with a name that has worked its way into the American lexicon, but its reputation among users and would-be users is beginning to erode amid generic competitors, according to a new study that relies on Internet buzz to study consumers’ opinion.

The main complaints seem to be the lack of HD recording and dual-tuners. Both of which will be addressed by the CableCARD system in mid-2006, so that’s basically already being addressed.

I take issue with thisthough many generic DVRs already offer HD and dual tuners. Actually, if you really look at the market, the models that do HD and/or dual-tuners are a minority. Basically a couple of models of cable DVRs. Both satellite companies have dual-tuner models, and each has an HD model. There are only a couple of standalone HD recorders, and they’re single-tuner.

I also question the methodology of basically scouring the web. Anyone who has been online for a while knows that people who are upset about something are more likely to post than those who aren’t. It isn’t clear that the methodology takes that kind of skew into consideration.

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  • empressith

    Tivo rules! Everything else is second nature. The update we got recently was awesome, too!

  • pasunepipe

    I have an original Series One with a Lifetime Season Pass. For years now, I’ve been waiting for Tivo to come out with a model with dual tuners that can record HD. Finally, I gave up waiting and paid an extra $5 a month to Comcast to use their DVR, which has both features. I really hate their DVR; it’s so user-unfriendly. I still use my Tivo to record shows I don’t care about watching in Hi-Def. Once Cablecard comes out, I’ll be first in line.