TVHarmony releases new software for TiVoToGo

Will from emailed me Thursday to let me know that they released and update to their software. Unfortunately I took a little road trip from MA to NJ to see James Burke give a keynote, and I was off-net until tonight, or I’d've shared this sooner. :-)

Will writes:It includes support for Apple’s new video iPod, Palm devices, and AVI conversion (including XVID and h264 compression). In addition, it has the ComSkip open source commercial removal which in my testing, works pretty well.

The software includes TVHarmony AutoPilot and Tivo2PSP, Tivo2iPod, Tivo2Palm, Tivo2AVI, and Tivo2MPEG

They have a nice group of utilities that make TiVoToGo even more useful and powerful.

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  • jenburgess

    Can I use TivoToGo on the mac yet?

  • megazone

    You can transfer video to/from a Mac, but the playback/decoding isn’t expected until 1Q06. TiVo talked about it recently, I think I posted a link to the info here at the time.

  • jenburgess

    Could you please post a link? I’ve been looking back at past entries and can’t seem to find it.

  • megazone
  • anonymous

    why would you want to transfer the files to the mac if there is no playback? are there any mac programs that can convert the tivo file to be able to play or is autoharmony available for mac?

  • megazone

    People transfer them to save files and make room on the TiVo. Since you can transfer files from the TiVo and back, you can make an media server and free drive space.

    Right now you can’t convert the files on a Mac, but you can convert them on a Windows box and then play the raw MPEG2 files on a Mac. Right now you can only decode the .TiVo files on a Windows box, the Mac software isn’t expected until early next year.