TiVo 7.2.1 And Other News

ZatzNotFunny has posted more TiVo news from DigitalLife. Some info on the pending 7.2.1 software, and a little bit on the HD CableCARD TiVo.

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  • wickerdotus

    Thanks for the link.

    I’m glad to see that a cable-card HD Tivo is in the works. If it has the ability to add external drives for additional storage, I’ll be all over it.

  • starjewel

    <3 that clip feature.

    p.s. zone, do you know if broken tivo boxes are of use to anyone? the audio chip died, and i’m tearing the HD out. IIRC, everything else is soldered to the board, so it’s probably useless, but i thought i’d ask before i toss it.

  • megazone

    Well, I see people eBaying dead boxes. I know some folks out there take dead boxes and try to cobble together working ones. If you’re going to toss it anyway, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to stick it on eBay for $1 starting bid or something – clearing stating the condition, of course.