TiVo Puts Nail in VCRs Coffin – Literally

I spotted this on the USENet newsgroup alt.video.ptv.tivo, posted by Randy S. (Message-ID: <di0stn$5s32$2@usenet.osg.ufl.edu> for those who want to find it.)

Nothing like bringing a metaphor to life huh TiVo? Seems the company has decided to display its vim and vigor by staging an interesting event at the Oct 14 opening of NYC’s Digital Life technology and entertainment show. Sort of featuring a “mock” funeral, TiVo is encouraging anyone who still may have an old VCR tape laying around to come on in and trade it in for a free TiVo box. Just toss that old episode of Quantum Leap in the VHS casket (which will include an old VCR with blinking 12:00) and you can walk away with a brand new DVR. And to make it even weirder, there will be a eulogy and speakers, sharing their personal memories of the VCR. Fascinating, no? Now remember folks, that’s as supplies last, so get over there and start tossing your tapes! Starts at noon on Friday Oct. 14 at the Crystal Lobby of the Jacob Javits Center.

I haven’t been able to find another source to verify this yet, and he didn’t say where he saw it. But it anyone else can verify this, it sounds like a way to get a free TiVo.

Edit: It looks like while I was trying to search for a second source and writing this post, ZatzNotFunny was also writing a post on this, and Dave found it via PRNewsWire. So it sounds legit.

Edit #2 – I signed up and got the full release:

Oct 5, 2005 08:00 ET

Tivo Commemorates ‘Passing of the VCR’ With Official Ceremony Marking End of VCR Era on Opening Day of Digital Life

New York Consumers Who ‘Toss a Tape’ in the Casket at ‘Passing of the VCR’ Commemoration Get a free TiVo(R) Box and Will Hear Official Eulogy Celebrating

End of VCR Era

As the curtain rises on one of the country’s ultimate consumer technology and entertainment shows, Digital Life, TiVo will bring down the curtain on the VCR. In a ceremony celebrating the demise of the VCR as a household necessity and commemorating the passing of this venerable, but clunky analog technology, TiVo will encourage consumers to trade in a VCR tape for a free TiVo(R) box. The event will feature a mock funeral, including an eulogy, witness speakers sharing their personal memories of the VCR and a casket overflowing with VHS tapes.

TiVo will give away hundreds of its pioneering DVR boxes while supplies last as VCR replacements to every consumer who joins in the commemoration of the VCR’s passing by “Tossing a Tape” in the commemorative casket carrying a VCR with a venerable flashing 12:00 and activating TiVo service on their free TiVo box at the “Passing of the VCR” event.

Event: TiVo commemorates the “Passing of the VCR” in a mock funeral
ceremony at New York’s Jacob Javits Center that will feature
hundreds of consumers “Tossing a Tape” into a commemorative
casket carrying a VCR to its grave while the dearly departed
flashing 12:00 is eulogized. Consumers who join the “Tossing
the Tape” ceremony also are eligible to receive a free TiVo box
to replace their clunky, outdated VCR when they activate TiVo
service at the event.

When: Noon, Friday Oct. 14, 2005

Where: Jacob Javits Center
Crystal Palace Lobby of the Jacob Javits Center located on 11th
Avenue between 34th and 39th Streets

Contact: Amanda Sanyal, SutherlandGold Communications, 866-262-7373 x106
or amanda@sutherlandgold.com

TiVo Passing of the VCR Offer Terms and Conditions

Offer good only while supplies on-hand last at the place and time stated above. First come, first served. Must bring VHS cassette tape to event. Limit one FREE TiVo box per person and per household. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. TiVo employees are not eligible. TiVo DVRs received as part of this offer are not eligible for any rebate offer. New TiVo service activation required at event to receive FREE TiVo box. TiVo service requires a minimum 1-year service commitment. Early termination fee and other restrictions apply. No early termination fee of $150 will apply if TiVo service is cancelled within 30 days of activation. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change without notice. This TiVo event is being video taped and recorded and may be used for promotional purposes by TiVo Inc. By attending this event, you are granting permission in perpetuity to TiVo Inc. to use your recorded voice or likeness for promotional purposes.

Contact: Amanda Sanyal of SutherlandGold Communications, +1-866-262-7373, ext. 106, or amanda@sutherlandgold.com, for TiVo.

PRNewswire — Oct. 5

Source: TiVo Inc.

Web site: http://www.tivo.com/

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  • onlyforward

    Who’d want to get rid of a tape with Quantum Leap on it? I’m aghast!