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| Volume 73


Letter from the
Okay, I have a confession to make: I went to the Emmys
without telling you. Well, actually, I just went to the TV Guide After
Party, because, well, like I’d want to be sitting in the audience at an
awards event when I’m used to having… er, you understand.

Anyway, everyone who plays someone else for a living was there. That is,
every desperate housewife. The star of Veronica Mars (my current fave
show). Mandy Moore and her Scrubs beau. Nicole Richie and entourage. Also
found was Matthew Fox from Lost. Among many others. And everyone I was
lucky enough to meet shared their deep love for the amazing TiVo®
service. I even told a few of them to apply to be TiVo
(just like I tell you)!

But really, the Emmys are SO last season. With all the new fall shows
swooping in, we put together a TV
cheat sheet
to help you bring order to your television itinerary,
listing every season premiere and pilot chronologically (ever tried entering
"PILOT" as a WishList™ keyword search, by the by?) with
convenient one-click access to TiVo Central Online for super-fast scheduling.
Being a TiVo subscriber, as Martha Stewart would say, is truly a "good
thing," eh?

Goodie-goodie Gumdrops,

P.S. Don’t forget: TiVo boxes now start as
low as $49.99
* after mail-in rebate, so it’s easier than ever to refer
friends to the TiVo® service and rack up those TiVo Points so you
can apply to be the TiVo
(it’s hard to argue with $50,000 worth of cash & prizes).

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color="#ff9900"> TiVo® Tip: Word up!
Missed that last line? Subscriber Stephen R. suggests you take advantage
of closed-captioning and the TiVo® instant replay button to ensure
you catch it the second time around. "After you read what they said,
you can turn the CC off and continue watching," he explains. "Many
TVs nowadays have a ‘CC on when volume muted’ option so you can easily
turn on and off the CC just by pressing the mute button." (Bonus
tip: Use CC and press the FWD button once to speed through slow, dialogue-heavy
parts of programs like the news, opening monologues of talk shows, etc.,
and still get all the good stuff. You’ll be able to read the dialogue
and finish the program in nearly half the time! When you want to hear
something real time, just hit instant replay.)

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Refer a Friend!
size="2">Passion pays off. Register for the TiVo
program and start earning TiVo Points, redeemable for great
rewards, including a Humax® DVD Recorder with TiVo® and more, with every
successful referral! It’s free, easy, and open to all.

Limited-edition TiVo® Watch

10,000 points

TiVo Rewards exclusive! Whether dressing up or going casual, don’t
be caught without this
classic and handsome timepiece.

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bgcolor="#999999"> color="#ff9900">Recommend It!
size="2">"Since Buffy and the X-Files went off the air, there hasn’t
been a good scary hour-long drama — with the exception of Lost (on
some nights)," says Chris K. from Menlo Park, CA. "Supernatural
looks to be changing that. On the surface, it might seem like another WB
teen pin-up show about brothers with an X-Files subplot. But it is in fact
the only truly exciting adventure hour on TV right now. Former X-Files staff
work on it and the two leads are engaging and likeable." Find out if
it’s super-natural to enjoy an episode yourself and schedule a recording.

Got a show suggestion YOU think your fellow TiVo subscribers would enjoy?
C’mon, don’t keep it to yourself: Recommend

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bgcolor="#999999"> valign="top" bgcolor="#ffffff"> color="#ff9900">Bonus Content for Broadband Customers! size="2">
I warned you good things were coming as soon as this fall if you connect
your TiVo® box to your home network
. And sure enough… running
from October 1st-8th, look for a new menu item on TiVo Central called "Exclusive
Navy Football with CSTV!" The Showcase makes it easy for you to schedule
a recording of the upcoming Navy-Air Force football game to air on CSTV**,
but there’s more:

  • You’ll have the option to download an additional hour’s worth of
    exclusive bonus content, including interviews with coaches and players,
    season highlights, a documentary on Navy football, and a documentary
    on the 1963 season with Roger Staubach!
  • Plus, you’ll even get game highlights and post-game materials a few
    days after the whistle’s blown.

Get connected
so you don’t miss the next exciting opportunity to get more with

Just so you know… Showcase content, including video, does not reduce the recording capacity of your TiVo DVR, nor does it tie up your phone line. Be sure your TiVo DVR is connected to your home network or plugged into your phone line to receive TiVo Showcases. Depending on your DVR model, programming source and schedule, some customers may not have access to Showcase video programming.
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your TiVo box to your network

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Channel lineup issues

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bgcolor="#999999"> color="#ff9900">Pays to be a Winner size="2">
Talk about cash when you need it most…the first of 17 winners in our "Passion
Pays Off" Sweepstakes is Larry R. from Florida, who got the news of
his $1,000 winnings in the midst of an Ophelia evacuation.

You could win, too! Every time you successfully refer someone to the TiVo®
service as part of the TiVo Rewards™ program, you’ll be automatically
entered in a weekly, random drawing for a chance to win $1,000.
But hurry! Sweeps ends on 12/31/05. See “Passion Pays Off” Sweepstakes terms and conditions for details.

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color="#ff9900"> color="#ff9900">TiVo Fan Mail
size="2">You know you’ve got a great product/service when you get great stories
from the people that use it. You’ve got to hear them to believe them.
Read the latest from our electronic mailbox.

mind "Jeopardy." William O. from Timberlake, NC claims the TiVo®
service has made watching every TV show a game: "While watching our
favorite shows, we like to play TiVo Blooper Challenge. A game played
by two or more players. When you see a blooper be the first person to
announce "TiVo Blooper Challenge." The person with the remote
then rewinds the show to a point a few seconds before the contested blooper.
For example, a blooper could be when a person on the show is reading a
birthday card and then in the next shot you see them open the card. Or
scenes being out of order. If upon review, the other player(s) agree you
found a blooper, then you win the remote. Everyone at my house enjoys
using the TiVo remote. This is a nice way to share the fun."

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** You must receive CSTV from your cable or satellite provider in order
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You Receive” to find out if you already have access to CSTV. If you
don’t see it in your channel line-up, call your cable or satellite
company to find out if CSTV is available in your area.

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