Galleon 1.6.0 Released

Galleon is one of the coolest HME applications available – and 1.6.0 is out!

Version 1.6.0:
Fixed timeout saving bug
Added configuration options to apps
Fixed ToGo padding bug
Changed slideshow music selection to 1 key
Added 0 key for info
Fixed multiple network interfaces bug
Fixed shoutcast genre removal
Fixed GoBack end bug
Fixed ToGo for deleted files
Fixed ToGo total hours
Upgraded to 1.3.1 HME SDK

Galleon is well worth checking out.

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  • wc

    I started playing with this tonight. Great product. I liked it so much I’ve uninstalled TiVo Desktop. The one thing I’m still trying to figure out is, how do you stream video from your PC to your TiVo. The tutorials/documentation are a bit vague.

  • gregtrotter

    Put the video files in your TiVo video directory off of My Documents. Then use the TiVo to move them over.

  • megazone

    If you have 7.2 on your TiVo, and TiVo Desktop 2.2 (or something like the new Galleon, as you have), then the PC should show up in the Now Playing list on your TiVo. But it only shows up IF you have a video to pull over in the directory. An easy way to test is to pull something FROM the Tivo TO the PC, then that video should be able to go back to the TiVo so the PC should show up.

  • slothman

    I notice that my TiVo attempts to talk to my computer on port 80, sending in a request of GET /TiVoConnect?Command=QueryContainer&Container=%2F&ampFormat=text%2Fxml HTTP/1.0. I tweaked Apache to respond with a 302 redirect to my Galleon server on port 7288, but the request comes in there as /tivoconnect?command=querycontainer&container=%2F&format=text%2Fxml, which Galleon, being case-sensitive, promptly ignores. Anyone know a better way to tell TiVo what port to talk to?

  • megazone

    The PC should be running TiVo Beacon (post 2190 IIRC) whihc is a kind of info server that tells the TiVo what port to talk to.

  • slothman

    It always takes my Humax unit a while to figure that one out, and I’d been hoping there might be a way to get it to do so immediately on contacting the IP address I programmed in as a server.