Intel, Microsoft endorse HD DVD

Intel and Microsoft are combining their computing industry power in an attempt to make the HD DVD format the victor in a battle over a standard to succeed DVD.

This makes things a bit more interesting – but I have to agree with the Blu-ray folks on this one. Overall, what’s the big deal? Microsoft doesn’t do HW. The codecs are the same. Both formats use AACS, BD adds more on top. Unless MS is going to surprise everyone by dropping HD-DVD into the XBox 360 *now*, as in for the launch, I don’t see them making any real impact.

Intel also doesn’t make optical drives, and I don’t think they even make chipsets for them. What difference does it really make what Intel backs in optical media?

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  • bicentennial76

    see now im just rooting for blu-ray cause companies LIKE intel and microsoft ( i still like microsoft but they can be butts) but because theyre going against it.
    and i just dont like intel.

    lol is that a horribly wrong reason!?

  • gweepprefect

    Yeah, historically consoles that have been released with add-on players have never really gone anywhere. The beauty of consoles is that they’re supposed to all have the same hardware. If they split their market between DVD and HD-DVD, they’ll screw themselves.

    Microsoft does have Media Center Edition, which is growing in popularity (even I bought it – it works pretty well). I don’t know if there will be any pressure that they will be capable of exerting on the OEMs to include HD-DVD in MCE PC’s, but I suppose it’s remotely possible.

    I agree with the Intel thing – doesn’t make much sense to me. It’s just a big name that people know, but from a business standpoint I don’t see them as a player in that field.

  • gweepprefect