TiVo in joint marketing

TiVo seems to be stepping up the marketing efforts again. They’ve started running TV ads again. And there are two interesting promos:

Get a 40-hour TiVo Series2 DVR and one year of TiVo service FREE with the purchase of an iriver PMC-120 at the iriver America eStore. A $350 value, FREE!

Buy $100 of Dockers Men’s Qualifying Apparel and/or Accessories Between September 25th and September 28th, 2005 and Receive a Free TiVo Series2 40-Hour DVR and 3 Months of Free Service.

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  • stile99

    I always wanted to storyboard a TiVo commercial. A guy is sitting in his living room, watching TiVo, playing around with the different options (pause, rewind, skip, etc), then looks at the remote with a look of wonder on his face and goes outside. Walking down the street, he sees various things that the TiVo remote can help with. A kid’s ice cream has fallen off the cone and onto the sidewalk, the kid is crying, so he hits rewind and the ice cream flies up from the sidewalk and back onto the cone…an item is knocked off a shelf, so he pauses it, allowing him to pluck the item out of midair and replace it…he eventually gets to work and is in a boring meeting, perfect for the skip/fast forward function. Stuff like that.

  • megazone

    Heh – you know about this? http://www.tivo.com/4.0.ambassador.asp

  • stile99

    Yeah…I’m just a bad ambassador. B-) I’m always telling people about it, and saying things like “and if you want to use me as a referral, here’s the email to use, but if you think I’m just doing this to get points, then just get the box and don’t put my name in, that’s the important thing”. I know of at least one guy who got the box but didn’t put my name in…so next time I visit I’m hiding his remote. B-)