Non-TiVo user saw the same DRM issues

Exploring the blogosphere’s over-reaction to the TiVo DRM issue from the other day, I found this post.

Just this past Sunday, I was attempting to tape The Simpsons and The Family Guy (Giggiddy-Giggiddy-Goo) and had constant DRM issues exactly as mentioned here. There was a difference though in that I was using my ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 8500 on my Windows PC, not a Tivo. I was pretty pissed to be prompted that the programs were view only though. Even the portions that did record were repeated frames with V-Sync problems. Very coincidental that I tried only these shows.

Those are the same two programs that had trouble on TiVo, that started the furor. It reinforces the fact that this is not TiVo specific. It also shows that this can happen even on PC based DVRs, so they aren’t a magic safe haven.

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