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| Volume 72


Letter from the
Where do I even begin? For the rest of this year, you’ve
got some amazing opportunities to win big cash, great gadgets, a NEW CAR
— and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, courtesy of two new programs
from TiVo: the "Passion
Pays Off!" sweepstakes
and the TiVo

But first things first, especially when it’s such a perfect segue: You
can now get a 40-hour TiVo® box for the all-time low of just
after our $150
mail-in rebate
. This price makes it shockingly simple to refer your
currently DVR-less friends to the TiVo® service, wouldn’t you say?

And just in time, because between now and 12/31/05, every time you successfully
refer someone to the TiVo® service as part of the TiVo Rewards™
program, you’ll be automatically entered in a weekly, random drawing for
a chance to win
. That’s right: one
thousand bucks
. The more referrals you make, the more chances you
have to win. And you’ve got 17 weeks to score starting now. Go!

As for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… We’re looking for the undisputed
champ at spreading the word about TiVo®. Why? So we can award this
spectacular someone with $50,000 in cash and prizes, not to mention some
very cool assignments. I’m the dark-haired gal who explains this search
for the world’s first TiVo
(and introduces our new CEO, Tom Rogers, with a special
message for you) in the TiVo Showcase video that will appear on your TiVo
Central screen on Thursday, September 8th, 2005. Look for the mini TiVo


P.S. If you haven’t already, register now for the TiVo
™ program. Whether or not you win one (or more!) of the
$1,000 weekly drawings, you’ll effortlessly earn TiVo Points towards great
rewards, including a new DVD
Recorder with TiVo
®, an Apple®
, a Nikon®
™ digital camera and much, much more! What are you waiting

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color="#ff9900"> TiVo® Tip: Bookworms love
TiVo, too!

Here’s how one TiVo® subscriber is using the smart TiVo® service
to think outside the (TiVo®) box, too (oh, c’mon; that’s clever).
"Many bad movies are based on good books," Larry H. so aptly
points out (Prince of Tides, anyone?). "So before I go to the library
or bookstore, I do a keyword WishList™ search for ‘BASED ON.’ Usually
about a dozen or so programs pop up. I’ll read the descriptions and see
if anything looks interesting."

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Refer a Friend!
size="2">Passion pays off. Register for the TiVo
program and start earning TiVo Points, redeemable for great
rewards, including the DVD-Recorder with TiVo® and more, with every
successful referral! It’s free, easy, and open to all.

20 GB Apple® iPod
with color display

30,000 points

Everything looks better in color. With iPod,
everything sounds better, too. Because your music collection can’t
always come with you.

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Greta Garbo: WishList™ Actor

Actor search ranking: Not ranked
September marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hollywood icon,
. Create a WishList™ search for this film legend and bring
some of that "Garbo Mystique" into your living room. Did you
know she…

  • Popularized trenchcoats & berets
    in the 1930s.
  • Was once voted by The Guinness Book
    of World Records as the most beautiful woman who ever lived.
  • Disliked Clark Gable,
    a feeling that was mutual. She thought his acting was wooden while he
    considered her a snob.
  • Spanish sculptor Pablo Gargallo created
    three pieces based on Garbo: "Masque de Greta Garbo à la
    mèche," "Tête de Greta Garbo avec chapeau,"
    and "Masque de Greta Garbo aux cils."

Create a WishList actor search for Greta
to find search results for your TV listings.

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bgcolor="#999999"> color="#ff9900">Recommend It!
size="2">We’ve all heard the story about how Johnny Depp transformed his "Winona
Forever" tattoo into "Wino Forever" after he realized Miss
Ryder was merely fleeting in his history of romantic endeavors. Turns out
most tattoos, even for non-celebrities, have an interesting (or in some
cases, quite colorful) story to tell, a reason for being and a special relationship
to its owner. Miami
, a new reality show on TLC, takes viewers inside the intriguing
world of tattoo artistry in South Beach, Miami, as it follows four friends
and competitive rivals who open and run a custom tattoo parlor, where they
live, work and play together. From 18-year-old newbies and suburban housewives
to famous actors and buttoned-up professionals to drag queens with an alter-ego,
the tale of each customer and his/her tattoo is perhaps as indelible as
the ink used to create them.

Got a show recommendation of your own to share?

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bgcolor="#999999"> color="#ff9900">Update on Your "Precious" 24
size="2">Sean Astin, everyone’s second favorite hobbit, will join the cast of
Fox’s "24" this season, the network announced. Who he’ll be playing
on the series, however, is not yet known. Fox said season five of the real-time
drama picks up 18 months after last season’s conclusion with Jack Bauer
(Kiefer Sutherland) still presumed dead and living a new life. He lives
with Diane (Donnie Britton, of "Spin City") and her son Derek
(Brady Corbet, "Thirteen"). "24" will have a four-hour,
two night season premiere on Jan. 8 and 9, (8 p.m. EDT), before moving to
its regular Monday slot on Jan. 16.

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bgcolor="#999999"> valign="top" bgcolor="#ffffff">
color="#ff9900">TiVo Staff Pick
size="2">TiVo Employee: Jean Somlo
Department: Director IT Apps & eBusiness
Director WishList™ search: "HUGHES, JOHN"
Actor WishList™ search: "CUSACK, JOHN"

"Anything by John Hughes takes me back to my formative
years where I developed my values," explains Jean. "While John
takes me back to the years of the best teenage movies-the 80s-which
include Better Off Dead ("I want my two dollars!"), Sixteen Candles
(he was a friend of the geeks!), and one of the greatest movies ever made-Say

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color="#ff9900"> color="#ff9900">TiVo Fan Mail
size="2">You know you’ve got a great product/service when you get great stories
from the people that use it. You’ve got to hear them to believe them.
Read the latest from our electronic mailbox.

A short
while ago we earned our 140 TiVo® box through the TiVo Rewards™
program. When the box came, I invited my 2-year-old son to help me open
the big brown box. As soon as we lifted the lid, he exclaimed "I
got TiVo!"

size="2">Since he thought it was his, I thought I would let him help with the
setup. I hooked it up and then let him do the guided set up. Of course,
I had to do the reading, but he worked the controls and we had it set
up in no time. Yes, TiVo’s Guided Setup is so easy, even a 2-year-old
can do it.

It’s quite possible that Kevin will grow up not knowing that you couldn’t
rewind or pause TV, to him seeing something again and again is natural.
Be it a favorite Ritz commercial from the holidays or the Dragon Tales
song, he knows that "TiVo Man" can play it again and again.
Oh, and he never asks to watch TV, he says "I wanna watch TiVo."

Best Appreciations,
Jesse S. from L.A.

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. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this
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