TiVo Software 7.2 and TiVo Desktop 2.2 (for Windows) are out!

Download the desktop here.
Sign up for the 7.2 Priority list here.

What’s the big deal? Well, 7.2 is available for *all* Series2 units, including the DVD-RW boxes, so they get to join the other boxes with USB2 and TiVoToGo support. Plus general performance improvements, bug fixes, etc.

The biggest feature with 7.2 + Desktop 2.2 ‘TiVoToComeBack’ is here – returning TTG .TiVo files to the TiVo, and even publishing your own MPEG2 files to use on the TiVo!

Additionally, 7.2 supports Network Guided Setup! Now you can do setup without a phone line, with any supported wired or wireless adapter. No more phone lines or back door codes!

I know the Mac users are probably upset there is no new Desktop for them yet. TiVo is working on bringing Mac support up to the level of Windows, it just takes a lot more work on the Mac. In the meantime I would suggest checking out Galleon as an alternative to TiVo Desktop, even for Windows.

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  • trinsf

    Sooooome of us might have already had 7.2. *cough* Not that I’m confirming anything, since if there was a Tivo Open Beta, it had a hearty NDA.


  • tarzxf

    Any word and when Galleon like capabilities will be available within the desktop software?

  • megazone

    ‘Galleon-like’ in what way? Galleon does a LOT of stuff TiVo will likely never put in any of their official releases – they deliberately publish the HME, etc, protocols to allow for 3rd party vendors to make fancier things.

    If you mean the TTG/TTCB capabilities in TiVo Desktop for Mac – I don’t know the timeframe but I do know they are working on it.

  • tarzxf

    HME front end mainly, Galleon’s a resource hog.

  • megazone

    Actually the TiVo Desktop doesn’t do anything with HME. HME is an interface on the TiVo itself that any number of different applications can talk to. You need neither TiVo Desktop nor Galleon to use HME – there are other applications out there, see http://hme.pvrblog.com/ for many.

  • megazone

    Well, they had also started the early roll out before the announcement there are people who already received it.

    And the fact that there was an Open Beta is public knowledge. But if anyone was *in* the Open Beta, it would in inadvisable to admit it.

  • unteins

    Curses foiled again!!!

    I do hope that by working on it you have first hand knowledge that they are in fact writing code and have things working in some way.

    I continue to be disappointed that they can’t get the Tivo Desktop working for Mac….

  • megazone

    I’ve talked directly with people at TiVo. Unless they lied to me, they have people working on code for Mac.

  • unteins

    Well Hooray and Pass the Beer Nuts!

    I hope they get it out soon, I need to pull some stuff off my Tivo to send to my brother who is serving overseas in the Marine Corps.

  • travisd

    Argggh…. Still doesn’t seem to deal with mapped drives for file storage. I have a BSD file server and use that for storage space for the windows PC. I’d love to just point the Tivo desktop software at the mapped drive but it complains about it.

    Note that it’s perfectly happy though sharing the MP3 library that’s on the fileserver (at the same mount point no less) so I don’t think it’s a permission issue…

  • jlindquist

    it just takes a lot more work on the Mac.


  • auryn29a

    Ooh. I am so jealous. Or, I would admit to being so, if there were such a confirmation.