TiVo releasing a new content delivery system – perhaps

PVRBlog and PVRWire have reported on this. TiVo just updated their Privacy Policy.

The interesting thing is some of the new language:

If you affirmatively elect to use the Online Scheduling feature of the TiVo Plus service or download content to your TiVo DVR using a TiVo content delivery service (“CDS”), TiVo will collect the Personally Identifiable Viewing Information associated with fulfillment of your individual request(s). Use of the Online Scheduling feature or content delivery service, however, does not change your privacy preferences with respect to viewing choices made in the privacy of your household.

NOTE TO TIVO BASIC SERVICE CUSTOMERS: If your TiVo DVR is receiving the TiVo Basic service, you may not (i) be able to opt out of our collection of Anonymous Viewing Information and Diagnostic Information from that TiVo DVR, (ii) opt out of your receipt of communications we send you in the event you provide us with Contact Information (though you are not required to provide us with any Contact Information as to that TiVo DVR), (iii) engage in commerce transactions from that TiVo DVR, (iv) use content delivery services with that TiVo DVR; (v) use the Online Scheduling feature with that TiVo DVR, or (vi) be able to change your privacy preferences to allow TiVo to collect Personally Identifiable Viewing Information from that TiVo DVR.

1.6 “Feature-Generated Request Information” means personally identifiable information about television programming or other content that you request your TiVo DVR to record or identify using a content delivery service, a feature offered by a Third Party, or using a TiVo feature, such as TiVo Online Scheduling. Should you decide to use such a feature or service, TiVo will collect the Personally Identifiable Viewing Information associated with the fulfillment of your recording (or scheduling conflict) request. TiVo may use this Personally Identifiable Viewing Information as described in Section 2.2. If the feature or service is offered by a Third Party, TiVo will communicate to the Third Party the necessary Personally Identifiable Viewing Information to complete the transaction. In the case of Third Party service providers, the use of this information will be governed by the privacy policy of the respective Third Party service provider. TiVo collects this information only upon your affirmative choice to use a particular feature. NOTE: Depending on your level of TiVo service and the model of your TiVo DVR, such features may not be available to you.

Emphasis mine.

So, is the TiVo-NetFlix deal finally getting close to roll out? Something else? Does this just cover a public roll out of HME?

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  • howief

    A question I have is that, with the current versions of the Tivo OS being in the 7.x range, those of us with DVD burners on the box are still running 5.X. I’m wondering what the real holdup is and, if Tivo will be releasing a new service, will those of us with the Pioneer 810H not be able to use the new service?


  • megazone

    The DVD TiVos should be updated to 7.x with the summer update.