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| Volume 65


Letter from the Editor

Starting today, you get first dibs on an amazing limited-time
offer to save
a whopping $200
on an 80-hour TiVo® Series2™ box.

A $100 instant savings from our partner Humax combined with our current
$100 mail-in rebate means you’re getting a whole lot of box for a very
low price — just $99*. I repeat: 80 hours for 99 bucks!

Who needs the luck of the Irish when the pot of gold is clearly at tivo.com/save200? But hurry, exclusivity to TiVo subscribers ends 3/30. And so typical: offer good while supplies last.

Four-leaf clovers & red-headed leprechauns,

P.S. In case you didn’t hear the great news about TiVo and Comcast…

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color="#ff9900">Recommend It!
size="2">So even actress Alyson Hannigan thinks it’s a mystery as to why everybody
isn’t watching this particular UPN show, which is allegedly in danger
of not getting renewed (after seven years working with the genius Joss
Whedon on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," this girl is qualified
to comment on good TV). Hmmm… and then this compelling recommendation
from TiVo subscriber Stacey M. of Boulder, CO mysteriously arrived in
my InBox.

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bgcolor="#ffffff"> color="#ff9900">And the TiVo Academy said the award goes to…

bgcolor="#ffffff">Who pulled punches
for Million Dollar Baby? Find
how TiVo subscribers, who took our poll before the big night,
compared with the actual academy.


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bgcolor="#999999"> color="#ff9900">Celebrity Couchtime

Name: Ari Cheren
Occupation: TV producer, Race Across America
TiVo subscriber since: 2004

From working
on programming like the Olympics to The Eco-Challenge, Ari Cheren
learned the ropes of television producing quite literally on the sides of
mountains and in jungles around the world, filming in any conditions and
coordinating global travel and logistics for large crews. Ari’s mother gifted
him with his TiVo box for the holidays after he mentioned he just wasn’t
watching enough reality TV ("for research purposes only, of course,"
he insists). "You should have seen me carrying my TiVo box through
Dulles airport the day after Christmas (remember the day when travel got
all snagged up?)," he said. "People were literally pointing and
saying ‘Look, a TiVo!’ and several people commented that they’d love one
themselves. It is now humming along recording shows all day and night; from
shows to movies and sporting events like the Race Across America."
We took some couchtime
with this adventurous producer to complete his very, er, active TiVo profile.

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color="#ff9900"> TiVo® Tip: Skip to Tick
Skip to tick marks (the white lines on the Status Bar that divide the hour
into sections) in a recorded show instantly:

  • Press the FWD button on your remote to begin fast-forwarding through
    the program.
  • Press the ADVANCE button—the one that looks like an arrow with
    a line at the end of it to jump to the next tick mark.
  • Continue pressing the ADVANCE button until you’ve reached the spot
    you’re looking for.

size="2">Bonus tip: Want to quickly return to the beginning? It works in
reverse, too. Just start with the BACK button. Easy!

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You Ask, We Answer

Q: The Online Scheduling feature
intrigues me, but everything I’ve read makes it sound like I need to have
my TiVo® box connected to an "always-on" internet connection.
Is that right? — Scott

A: First, just to be clear, TiVo Online Scheduling is a
feature available to all subscribers with a Series2™ box. From there,
the important distinction is this:

  • If your TiVo box is connected to your home network and broadband
    connection, your TiVo box checks for new scheduling requests every 30
    minutes or so.
  • If you connect to the TiVo service using a phone line, it receives
    new requests during its next connection, generally every 24-36 hours.

So while you can schedule more "last-minute" recordings with broadband,
Online Scheduling can still be useful if you connect using a phone line.
You just need to plan a little ahead.

To get started with Online Scheduling, visit TiVo Central Online at www.tivo.com/tco.
Log in using the e-mail address that you gave when you activated TiVo service
(just click the "Forgot Password" link if you need to reset your
password). You can then search your TV listings for an upcoming show, like
Veronica Mars, and schedule a recording right from your
web browser.

Connecting your TiVo box to your home network and broadband connection (if
available) does have other advantages though – like Digital
, Digital
, Multi-Room
, and the brand-new TiVoToGo
feature. You’ll find details about how
to connect your TiVo box to your network
on our support site

Remember, you can get help with most of your technical questions by visiting
our support
. You can also find answers and share know-how in these web-based
help forums
. For account-related issues, you must use Manage
My Account
or give us a call.

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Kevin Smith: WishList™ Director

As a college student, Kevin
never gave filmmaking a second thought, instead setting his
hopes on one day writing for Saturday Night Live. On Friday, March
25th, this Indie film favorite hosts a night dedicated entirely to well…him
with Encore’s critically acclaimed, award-winning original series The
, followed by Chasing
, Clerks
(which, incidentally, he directed while working as a clerk in a video/convenience
store) and the exclusive television premiere of An Evening With Kevin
Smith, in which he engages in a Q&A at various college campuses around
the country, spinning humorous Hollywood tales. The next night, STARZ!
Saturday Night Premiere presents the television premiere of Smith’s latest
film Jersey Girl.

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The TiVo Top 25 Season Pass™ rankings
are based on anonymous, aggregated data, for the week ending 3/6/05.

1. Desperate

2. American

3. The

4. Lost

Crime Scene Investigation

See the TiVo Top 25 in its entirety

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color="#ff9900">About This Newsletter
This newsletter is brought to you by TiVo! If you received the newsletter
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submitting comments to TiVo, you grant TiVo Inc. a nonexclusive, irrevocable
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color="#ff9900">TiVo Hotlinks
size="2">If you need help with any aspect of using your TiVo box or service, visit
our online Customer
. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this
newsletter, e-mail the editor. (Unfortunately,
due to volume received, not every e-mail can be answered.) Update your e-mail
address, snail mail, account preferences and more at Manage My Account.
Search TV listings or schedule recordings with Online Scheduling
at TiVo Central Online.

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