Death to deathwatch ;-)

I was amused to see today that PVRBlog picked up my deathwatch rant from the other day.

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  • buran

    Frankly, it’s stupid. They’ve been screaming that Apple is dying for years… Um, I don’t think so. No debt, etc., the real answer is that people are too damn stupid to look past their stupid noses and their beer guts and their SUVs to think long-term. They buy cheap crap, bitch when the cheap crap sucks, don’t do the extra research required to buy anything better (a better, smaller, more practical, more efficient car; a computer that doesn’t get spyware/adware/etc; or a decent DVR) and then just sit and bitch and moan and whine because what they have now is a piece of crap. “Why is (x) so (crappy/expensive/shoddy)!!?!?!” then if someone provides an alternative, whine “It’s too (expensive/small,doesn’t-show-off-my-willingness-to-go-into-debt)!!!!11!!!”

    I’m frankly sick of stupidity these days. Grr.

  • revgeorge

    Well, there hasn’t been a lot of response to the deathwatch and you did a good job of responding to the critics. Plus it’s easier for me to blockquote than bother writing something original :)

  • megazone

    No problem, I was just surpised that my off-the-cuff rant actually got noticed. I’ve been getting increasingly annoyed at the ‘TiVo is dying’ posts that all seem to parrot each other and some of the leaps of deduction they make. I wouldn’t claim TiVo has no risks ahead, but it is hardly time for last rites.

    What’s really bothersome about it is that people see those articles, believe them, and then don’t buy a TiVo because they’re afraid it will stop working because the company is going away. The risks to end users are minimal, since even if TiVo does go bankrupt it is inconceivable that someone else wouldn’t buy the company, and the userbase is one of the valuable assets.