Lenny Briscoe has TiVo

So I’m watching tonight’s premier of Law & Order: Trial By Jury and in one of Jerry Orbach’s first scenes (which, sadly, is one of his last scenes), and Lenny pops out with this line:

“No, I got TiVo! You push the magic button and there’s no commercials.”

If Lenny Briscoe has TiVo, that’s a ringing endorsement. ;-)

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  • buran

    Geez, how many spinoffs are they up to now?

  • megazone

    Law & Order
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent
    Law & Order: Trial By Jury

  • rogueonion_8

    Its probably because even the spinoffs rank pretty good:

    22 LAW AND ORDER:SVU 13540 4.9 20
    23 LAW AND ORDER 13300 4.8 20
    27 LAW AND ORDER:CRIM INTENT 12420 4.5 15

  • revgeorge

    You can find out how many hours a day Law & Order is on at When is Law & Order On?

  • revgeorge

    NBC is a big investor in TiVo, they’ve mentioned TiVo before on L&O, and I think they had a TiVo on Friends. TiVo’s ex-president Marty Yudkovitz was an executive vice-president for NBC before joining the company.

    But yeah, I picked up on that too :)

  • hilker

    You missed Law & Order: Crime & Punishment, a documentary summer replacement series from 2002 with San Diego prosecutors.

  • obiwan4242

    As I was passing through the kitchen doing a chore I spotted Jerry O on the TV and paused. He social engineers some info out of this girl and comments about having TiVo (and continues the public perception that TiVo removes all commercials). This was about all I watched of the show and what a cowinkydink that I happened to see the few seconds with the TiVo comment.

  • megazone

    Well, he does say you have to push the magic button. I guess Lennie has the 30 second skip enabled. ;-)

  • obiwan4242

    He just doesn’t come across as the Easter Egg type of guy. So now we can talk to our non-TiVo friends about the magic button. LOL And what other magical goodness can we expect from this button. Only time will tell. :)

  • stile99

    Eh. Just goes to show how one thing is said, but different people hear more than one thing. I didn’t parse anything about TiVo ‘removing’ commercials from that statement.