It pays to read the fine print

From the current TiVo rebate:
Valid only on TiVo model numbers TCD130040, TCD140060, TCD230040, TCD240080, TCD240040, TCD24008A, and TCD24004A, TCD240140, TCD540040, TCD540080, TCD540140, Humax model numbers T800, T2500, and DRT800, Toshiba model numbers SD-H400, RS-TX20, and RS-TX60, Pioneer model numbers DVR-810H, DVR-615H, and DVR-57H

Does anyone else see what I see?

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  • krellis

    Pioneer DVR-615H, much? Doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the web except in the fine print of the rebaters (Spring and Summer $50 rebates in addition to a couple of $100 rebates) according to Google. Iiiinteresting.

  • megazone

    Yeah, I searched for a bit and all of the hits are on copies of the rebate.

    Sounds like a little leak of a new box.

  • brun_fid

    I’m lame and don’t see the trend. What’s up?

    Do any of those receive Satellite signals in HD format?

  • brun_fid

    It is amazing what happens when I hit reload.

  • megazone

    The only (previously) publically known models from Pioneer were the DVR-810H and DVR-57H. This is the first mentioned I’ve seen – and the *only* one I can find – of the DVR-615H. Sounds like a new box is coming out soon.

    These are all standalone boxes – DirecTV handles those boxes, including the HDTV DTV box.

  • shadoh

    If it IS a new box, it’s weird that they’d come out with a lower model number. You’d think it would be like 915H or something.

  • megazone

    Pioneer isn’t like that – remember the Elite DVR-57H is a higher end model than the DVR-810H.

    The model numbers tend to indicate where in their line they consider it to be, and the Elite and non-Elite products have different numbering schemes.

    They may be positioning the 615H as lower cost model under the 810H. I have a lot of Pioneer gear and the numbering doesn’t always make a clear progression.

  • grok

    So it’s not like all those other products where different stores (esp. big box stores) get customized model numbers so they can claim to honor their competitors deals but then don’t have to?

  • megazone

    I’ve never seen that done with Pioneer. The DVR-810H is always the DVR-810H, my old DVL-909 was the DVL-909 everywhere in the world it was sold.