Get a TiVo for $49

TiVo is having a sale on refurb units – $99 with a $50 rebate, so $49 after rebate. Offer ends 7/31. or when supplies run out. $49 for 40 hour units, $99 for 80 hour units – after rebate. Service required, of course. (Standard $299 lifetime, or $12.95/month for the first unit and $6.95/month for additional units.) Not a bad deal for adding a second unit for Multi-Room Viewing and conflict resolution. Free shipping too.

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  • unteins

    Heck, for $49 you could get a 40 hour and easily add 130 hours or more to it for another $50-75 so, well, heck….I may just have to go beg the wife…..

  • susandennis

    Criminey!! I just bought one of the 40 hour referbs last night for $79 AFTER rebate! I’m on the phone now to see if I can get $30 back!

    Turns out that, no I can’t. But I can refuse delivery. So I ordered the $49 one, too! Heck. My old Series 1 is going to die one day… it’s already 5 years old.

  • irihs

    Oh that is so tempting. I don’t need another TiVo except for the fact that I am an olympics freak and it would be so nice to be able to record everything I want and not have to stress out about filling my hard drive. (Because, of course, gymnastics can’t be recorded on anything less than best quality.) Is it possible to hook up more than one TiVo to one TV? I guess maybe a splitter or something…

    Eh, I probably shouldn’t even think about it. I’m sure I’ll get by. Unless maybe I buy it for the olympics and then give it as a gift when I’m done with it…?

  • megazone

    You could buy it, sub it for the month, and unsub it. ;-) Remember, MRV is included now (as it is part of HMO). *tempt*

    Yes, you can hook up multiple TiVos to one TV – and the remotes that come with these have a 1-2 switch so you can control two units, just give them different remote addresses. There are 9 addresses I believe, so you could have that many units – just 2 per remote.

    You’d need to split the input source, and combine the output. That could be as simple as an RF splitter for source and some Y-cables for the output.

    Remember if you have digital cable the units can only record the non-analog channels with box, but you could have one unit recording analog cable only and the other recording analog and digital, or get multiple cable boxes.

  • irihs

    Oh god just tempt me some more!

    And it’s just that much easier because I probably have the least complicated setup possible. Cable from the wall (no boxes to deal with), and a TV/VRC combo, so no having to figure out what to run through the VCR, etc.

    Do you happen to know off the top of your head how many hours a “40 hour” can record at best quality. Heck, if it records enough, I might save close to $50 on blank tapes anyway…

  • susandennis

    That’s exactly the setup I plan! I love hearing my thinking validated :) !

    I have one TV right now it’s split from wall to VCR/DVD box and then to TV. And the other split goes to digital box then Tivo then TV.

    My plan is to put the second Tivo in between the wall and the VCR/DVD or, if that doesn’t work, then in between the VCR/DVD and the TV.

    I can live with the one analog Tivo with the one digital Tivo.

    I did not know that about the remotes and the switches. Tres cool!

    BTW, I read over in Tivo Community Forum that one guy called and got a $30 credit instead of having to buy a another box and refuse shipment on the first. So I called back. Second call got me a single Tivo shipment and a $30 credit. Can’t wait to get the new box!

  • megazone

    IIRC ‘Best’ is a bit more than 11 hours on a 40 hour unit. I can check when I get home, one of mine is an unmodded 40.

    If you’re up to it you could get the cheap unit and expand the drive(s).

  • irihs