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This was announced at CES but I forgot to follow-up on it. The first of the TiVoToGo features is already available – programming recordings from your cell phone or PDA, if you have HMO. It is the AllMiMedia™ TiVo® Edition, which is $12/year. For another $20/year they claim to allow you to view the photos and listen to the music stored on your HMO Server. BTW for the 3 month free scheduling trial that was in the press release, the bloody obvious promo code is ‘CES2004′. My second guess.

My SonyEricsson T68i phone can’t handle it, but my Sony Clie NZ90 PDA can. The UI is basic but OK – but the email I got says I need to allow an hour for the guide data to be ready. So I’ll have to play with it more later.

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  • megazone

    OK, I’ve tried this out now and it seems decent. I’ll have to install the HMO software on my home PC when I get home tonight to try out the music and photo stuff. There is one gotcha with the scheduling – I have multiple TiVos but I don’t see anyway to select which one to send the request to. I’m not sure how it determines which unit to go to.

    I’ve emailed their support to see if they can help explain it.

  • megazone


    Our service always sends the requests to the same unit, which is by
    default the first one in the list of your TiVo account.

    We can change this default unit to another one. If you want that, please
    give us the service number of the unit you want to use.


    AllMiMedia Support Team.

    Is anyone else trying this? It is a free trial after all… :-)