New community icon

Thanks to my good friend solipsistnation and his Photoshop skills we have a new TiVo dude community icon – taken from one of those provided in the TiVo press kit on their website.

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  • buran

    The white border around the edge is very, very jagged. Can you re-create it with the transparency mask set to black? Or, perhaps set it against a 100×100 black background. It’d look better, and the square wouldn’t show up in the community info page and would make it look better overall since the jaggies would go away.

  • megazone

    I played with the background – making it black it doesn’t look any different from what is there now. The jaggies were the same with the image transparent on black, or with a black background in the image itself. The original .psd from TiVo was for a much larger image so the jaggies are probably from scaling for 100×100 max. It doesn’t look that jagged on my display – a lot less jagged than the old one, and less than the one I tried to create resizing a jpeg and a gif from TiVo’s site. (It helps that the white border on this one is thicker, the other image had a thin line and it looked really bad resized.) If you want to try playing with it, the original is from the press kit on TiVo’s website and it is a .psd (Photoshop) file.

  • hilker

    Here’s a png version with full alpha transparency. It’ll look like crap in msie, because Microsoft can’t be bothered to properly support an image format that’s been a w3c Recommendation for more than seven years. But it should be fine in any decent modern graphical browser: Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror, Safari, etc.

    Tivo logo with glow, PNG format

  • megazone

    Nice work, thanks – it is the default now.

  • hilker

    Replying to my own message, here’s the same image with a black background.