TiVo makes PopSci Best Of What’s New

PIoneer DVR-810H makes PopSci BOWN.

This is one of the Pioneer TiVo/DVR-RW units – the other is the Pioneer Elite DVR-57H. While MSRP on this is $1200, I’ve seen then for ~$700 online, and I expect prices to come down. They’re really cool units.

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  • gikiski

    This is a rocking unit!

  • andrewshead

    I want one sooooo much, but it’s way to far out of my price range

  • inisfair


    It’s only a few months of sacrifice….

  • andrewshead

    Yeah, but with other expenses I really can’t do it right now. That and it does not have two tuners and work with D-TV

  • megazone

    Unfortunately you probably won’t see a DirecTiVo with a DVD-RW any time soon. The Pioneer units record to the HD using the DVD Video spec, different from other SA units. But then it can just copy the file to DVD as is, no hard work.

    The encoded used by DirecTV isn’t DVD Video compliant. So a combo unit would need to be able to re-encode, or transcode, the data.