Enterprise -> Star Trek: Enterprise

For anyone who has a TiVo and records Enterprise, note that Paramount changed the name to Star Trek: Enterprise *and* the series was given a new indentifier. That means it breaks TiVo Season Passes. You need to create a new SP for the new name.

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  • shadoh

    Luckily, I notoriously check my To-Do list (and Recording History) 2 to 3 times a week, and noticed that before I missed it. My TiVo was acting wacky, though. I did a search for Star Trek and it came up with some movies, TNG, and VOY, but not Enterprise. Yet, when I looked through the program grid, I saw it there. I selected it and chose to create a season pass, and even then, it showed “there are no upcoming episodes”. So I went back to the program grid, selected it again, and said “record this showing”, and finally it showed up on the to-do list. Weirdness.

  • zikzak

    I had no problem with this this week. My TiVo still calls it “Enterprise” and recorded it fine. Perhaps the change is this week, but the trek and tivo sites all said it was last week. So maybe TiVo sent out a special guide update?

  • robyncalifornia

    Hey! Thanks man!

  • megazone

    The update was last minute – make sure your unit has connected recently and check your upcoming SP. Mine dropped all upcoming episodes, and there was a new title listing for ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ which did have upcoming episodes. But my unit didn’t connect until after last Wednesday’s episode, so my old SP got it.