Woot! – iGo Green Battery Charger With 8 Batteries Just $9.99

iGo Battery Charger with 8 Rechargeable Batteries Today’s Woot! deal is the iGo Green Battery Charger with eight rechargeable alkaline AA batteries for only $9.99 + $5 S&H. The charger handles four AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, in any combination, and it can charge NiMH or alkaline cells.

It comes with eight iGo Green AA alkaline rechargeable batteries. Unlike most other rechargeable cells, these alkaline rechargeables provide the standard 1.5V output you get from standard alkaline batteries. And they store 2000mAh, so you have decent life. They’re also designed for ‘charge and store’, and will hold their charger for up to seven years. They ship charged so they’re ready to use out of the box. And because they’re alkaline cells, they’re non-toxic with no heavy metals – unlike NiMH or NiCad cells.

Amazon sells the charger and just four batteries for $13.30, here you’re getting the charger and eight batteries for $14.99. I have some ancient NiMH AA & AAA batteries that I’ve been meaning to replace for months, since they no longer hold a charge well, so I’m jumping on this deal myself – and picking up some more iGo batteries from Amazon.

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