Comcast a Mixed Bag on CableCARD Self-Installs, Will They Be Ready on August 8th?

Comcast Logo We all know the FCC has mandated CableCARD self-installs, and FiOS, Cox, and Cablevision are already on board, with TWC on deck, but what about Comcast?

Well, they’re something of a mixed bag. Comcast’s policies seem to vary territory to territory. In some areas they seem to have been allowing CableCARD self-installs pretty much since they first launched, while in others they require ‘professional installation’ to this day. As this thread on DSLReports illustrates, it is still a bit of a confusing mess. Today some customers are able to pick up a CableCARD from their local office, while in others, despite mentioning the FCC mandate, are beingtold basically ‘not going to happen anytime in the future’.

Comcast CableCARD Self-Install Screencap Interestingly, back in June Comcast had a page on their site which made things perfectly clear – but I can’t find any sign of the page, or anything similar, on their site today. And here’s a screencap from back then as proof – click on it for a larger version. The text is:

Can I install a CableCARD myself or does a technician need to come to my home?

Professional installation by a Comcast technician is available. In addition, starting on August 1, 2011, CableCARD self install kits will be made available at Comcast front counters. If you would like to install the CableCARD yourself, you will be able to pick up a CableCARD Self Install Kit at a Comcast front counter and activate the CableCARD by calling our CableCARD activation hotline at 1-800-XFINITY.

Please note: If you choose to use a CableCARD Self Install Kit, we are unable to provide you with assistance over the phone with the installation of the CableCARD. You will need to refer to the owner’s manual for your device or call the manufacturer’s toll-free number to answer questions about CableCARD installation.

Obviously the FCC mandate is now for August 8th and not the 1st, and customers are still reporting today that not all offices are allowing pick ups. And, indeed, it seems like the workers in some offices aren’t even aware of the mandate. So what will happen come next Monday?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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